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Meet the Spanish startup that lets you find out what your DNA says about you (Sponsored)

The Spanish startup ADNTRO GENETICS set out to democratize the access to all the information that genetic studies can show us about on ourselves. Through a kit in which users can collect a small sample of saliva, ADNTRO finds out the main features that your DNA reveals about your origins, your tolerance to certain medicines or how genes affect the main features that make up your personality.

Your genetic code can give you information about yourself that you did not know before. Today, it is easier than ever to access these studies through DNA testing. Thanks to ADNTRO these genetic analyses can now be done in an easy way just by putting a small saliva sample into the ADNTRO kit and by mailing it in.

Thanks to ADNTRO you can then also learn about your ethnic origins, how your organism processes vitamins and minerals to make a diet based on them, as well as about your genetic predisposition to different pathologies, among many other aspects.


Although in Europe it is still not a very widespread practice, in countries such as the USA interest in genetics data is already quite big, as approximately an 8% of the population has taken some kind of test “mainly to find out about their ancestors”. However, “in Europe, the areas of greatest concern are those related to nutrition and health”, says Guillermo Pérez-Solero, founder of ADNTRO.

The study of genetics has more and more weight in the future of medicine, being the beginning of the way towards personalized and preventive medicine. Tolerance to medicines or predisposition to certain diseases can be known thanks to the analysis of your genetic code, so that the diagnosis can be more precise and appropriate to each patient.

As ADNTRO founder Pérez-Solero explains: “Not everyone processes the active ingredients of medicines or vitamins in the same way. Not everyone is suited to Aspirin or tolerates Paracetamol properly, so knowing these facts we can move towards more effective treatments for each person. Furthermore, knowing our risk of suffering from certain diseases based on our genetics facilitates the prevention of illnesses and the development of better medicines.”

The rapid progress in the world of genetics in recent years is comparable to advances in the field of information technology. Since the completion of the human genetic code in 2003, the number of studies and sources of information on genetic markers has grown exponentially, along with the scientific drive to better understand the genotype phenotype.

“For this reason, ADNTRO is constantly updating its databases with new features and genetic associations. We do not provide the client with a simple PDF with the data on their genetic analysis, but rather we facilitate access to a private profile in which they can access all the information about their DNA, as well as new and innovative studies and results”, adds Pérez-Solero.

Are you interested to learn more about yourself and to go on a unique journey through your DNA? You can do so now by ordering your ADNTRO test kit for just €99.

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