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Blockchers presents 4 exciting blockchain startups shaping the future of energy, legal compliance, consulting, and banking (Sponsored)

You probably already know that blockchain can be used to optimize banking and legal compliance, but did you know it can be applied across multiple industries like energy and consulting? This week we’re checking out the blockchain companies that were pre-selected by the Blockchers project as the most promising in their areas, hailing from Germany, Slovenia, Spain and Estonia.

Meet Blockchers

Blockchers is a new project, founded in 2019, that supports the growth of future and emerging DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) technologies, specifically Blockchain. They select the most promising startups in this area, give them support, up to €50K direct equity-free funding, and connect them with traditional SMEs, to carry the benefits and opportunities of these new technologies further.

The unique EU-funded Horizon2020 aid program is coordinated by 4 key partners, each bringing their own expertise to the table: Innomine Group (Hungary), Zabala Innovation Consulting (Spain), Frankfurt School of Blockchain Center (FSBC) (Germany) and ALASTRIA (Spain). In particular, Innomine, facilitates mentorship workshops and events for the SMEs, providing guidance and knowledge that helps them successfully develop and finally land the programme funding.

BettergySpanish team Bettergy is a cleantech B2B startup turning data consumption information into actionable energy savings and lower carbon emissions. The platform EnergySequence provides a full set of automated energy conservation measures, operational, retrofit, and investment opportunities leveraging consumption data, aggregating private and public data sources such as weather data, and geolocalization data. Their industry profile spans across: Software development, Consulting, Data & Analytics, Energy & Cleantech, Consulting. 

Recent use cases include offering investors and SMEs a digital approach for photovoltaic Power Purchase Agreements, namely a BC Smart Contract that provides a trusted independent verification and lowers overhead costs. Together, Bettergy & Fundeen have pioneered the 1st crowdfunded Photovoltaic PPA contract in Spain, Calanova Golf, with 40kwp where the solution can be deployed. 

DEIP – Estonian company DEIP offers smart-contracts for grant distribution automation. The DEIP Open Innovation Network is a digital ecosystem specifically designed to foster international and inter-disciplinary collaboration among innovators, by encouraging the sharing of expertise and resources. Overall, DEIP provides a new crypto economy for innovation, which provides reputational and financial incentivization.  Their industry profile spans across: Consulting, Blockchain, Open Innovation, Product Innovation, Science, Consulting, Smart-contracts for grants distribution automation. 

Recent use cases include offering a smart-contract for the end-user SME to automate decision-making for grant distribution, based on the results of peer-review. This significantly cuts time/effort and increases efficiency, to fund the most promising and impactful projects and technology. Leveraging distributed ledger technology (DLT), this also allows decentralized assessment and ensures transparency of the peer-review process and decision-making. The private beta version will be deployed as a private network for SME and partners.

Datarella GmbH – This German startup provides Enterprise Blockchain Solutions. The Munich-based company has a proven capacity for building both innovative products, as well as highly scalable industrial DLT systems. Datarella offers a full range of consulting, development and implementation services for complex blockchain solutions, including associated long-term maintenance and scaling-up, and the integration with existing legacy systems. Datarella’s solutions are used across several industries, e.g. Finance, Logistics & Supply Chain, Real Estate, Identity and Mobility. 

Recent use cases include their offering of SmartAid the next-generation marketing, funding, and reporting tool for non-profit organizations. SmartAid seamlessly connects donors with charitable projects. Blockchain technology allows SmartAid to introduce a new era of transparency within the aid industry. Each donation is documented as a unique, identifiable, token contract on the SmartAid blockchain. This allows donors to reconstruct the usage of their donation tokens the moment they are minted, transferred to, and burned from an NGO for a project-specific cost center.

Datafund – This Slovenian company is providing technical solutions and integrations to enable a fair data economy that extends into the emerging European data spaces. This involves the private, encrypted, trust-less and decentralised storage of data and server-less file transfers. The technology stack is about decentralization and self-sovereignty, leveraging the unique expertise of development on top of Swarm peer-to-peer cloud storage. Their industry profile spans across Data & Analytics, Data Collection, Data Management, IT Solutions.

Recent use cases include working with law firms, who have a lot of correspondence and documents that require a private transmission, yet allow for confirmation of receipts of the documents – implementing an analogue of a digital safe room. Datafund has applied its solution to this context as a ‘white label’  service for anyone needing a private, secure and sovereign document exchange solution.

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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