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German SaaS platform Workpath closes multi-million euro funding round to help companies become more agile

Munich-based software company Workpath has received millions in funding from signals Venture Capital to further grow and expand its market leadership. Founded in 2017, Workpath aims to increase the adaptability, innovative power and effectiveness of companies with its software based on agile methodologies.

Johannes Müller, Thomas Obermüller and Pascal Fritzen founded the company with the goal of providing an intuitive collaboration platform that would help teams move faster from strategic goals to results, and become more adaptable. Workpath allows companies to better plan, coordinate and achieve goals across departmental boundaries; the transparency it offers not only simplifies processes, but above all also motivates every single employee. With Workpath, every team member can see how their individual tasks contribute to the bigger picture. Essential to the processes are faster feedback and learning cycles, as well as continuous improvement to reach agile organisational structures. In addition to the software, the company also offers training, interactive learning formats and events, as well as a network of experts and consultants.

Now, Berlin-based signals Venture Capital is financing the company with several million euros. “Workpath’s intuitive software solution enables strategic corporate management even in rapidly accelerating and complex market environments. The product helps companies turn the vision of agile work into reality. We are very much looking forward to working with the team around Johannes Müller and Pascal Fritzen,” says Christian Weniger, Managing Partner at signals Venture Capital.

“With its focus on enterprise software and the experienced minds of Christian Weniger and Marcus Polke, signals Venture Capital is a strong partner for us to attract further large European companies and support them in establishing competitive management processes,” said Johannes Müller, CEO of Workpath.

In recent years, the progressive implementation of digital strategies has increased the demand for software that can support with agile management. In product development, this approach is already widespread in the form of the Scrum model. “But many companies have now recognised that the principles of new working methods and sustainable collaboration models must also be anchored and rethought at a strategic level. Next to putting the focus on strategic planning and implementation, companies also have to rethink how leadership and company culture have to evolve,” explained Pascal Fritzen, CTO of Workpath.

Up until 2019, the founders financed themselves through their own funds and initial revenue. Even at this early stage, they were able to acquire major customers such as SAP, Scout24, Metro, and Hella. Now signals Venture Capital joins the existing group of shareholders and extends the current financing round, in which the High-Tech Gründerfonds has already invested.

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Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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