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DevSkiller snaps up €1 million to help companies hire top tech talent

Polish startup DevSkiller, a tech hiring platform, has raised around €1 million in a bridge round from Speed Up Energy Innovation. The funding will fuel the growth of DevSkiller’s software range and its market expansion.

DevSkiller was founded in 2013 as a software house and in 2016 launched its first own product – the DevSkiller Talent Score. The platform automatically assesses the coding skills of candidates and employees with realistic, stack-specific coding tests focused on practical skills and problem-solving. What makes DevSkiller unique is its RealLifeTesting, which is unbiased and as close as it possibly can be to the real-world challenges of an actual job. 

Plus, on top of the DevSkiller Talent Score, the company also offers a talent management platform. The tool analyzes and maps the skills of individuals to understand their strengths and identify training needs, as well as creates a skills inventory of the entire organization. The platform is targeted at managers across multiple departments and is currently tested by customers.

We’ve started off with DevSkiller which is the technical skills assessment platform powered by RealLifeTesting”, says Jakub Kubrynski, DevSkiller CEO. “The next natural step for us was to start expanding our software range to become the first one-stop-shop for hiring and developing talent using our end-to-end system for sourcing, screening, interviewing, hiring, and talent analytics.

DevSkiller currently has 250+ active customers from 59 countries, including PayPal, Cisco, ING, Deloitte, Criteo, and EY. The startup raised €462.9K in 2017 from an angel investor, which helped it optimise its coding test library and pursue new sales channels. In 2019, DevSkiller participated in the New York-based Ellis Accelerator programme designed to empower international startups to expand to the US market, become global companies, and raise funding. Now, these freshy raised funds from Speed Up Energy Innovation will accelerate DevSkiller’s further market share growth and new product development. 

DevSkiller’s market is growing exponentially due to the digital revolution. Even “traditional” non-STEM companies now need IT teams to grow and, as a consequence, growing numbers of businesses need to acquire the skills to assess the coding skills of the candidates and existing employees, as well as support their professional growth. Considering their achievements, DevSkiller required very little funding so far and I have to say, this has been by far the easiest investment decision for us in a very long time. I can’t wait to see how DevSkiller grows and I am proud we’ll accomplish this with the founders” – says Bartlomiej Gola, Founding Partner at SpeedUp Group, Managing Partner at SpeedUp Energy Innovation.

Charlotte Tucker
Charlotte Tucker
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