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Dutch HR tech startup 2DAYSMOOD raises €360k for its 15-second employee well-being surveys

Happiness at work is becoming a priority for more and more organizations. Mitigating work stress, creating a healthy work environment, and increasing employee engagement is not only good for employees, but for business. High levels of employee engagement are linked to up to a 45% increase in productivity and a 59% decrease in staff turnover.

Founded in 2015, 2DAYSMOOD has developed a real-time measurement method to track employee engagement and happiness with an anonymous 15-second survey linked to a smart analysis platform. From the anonymous surveys, the platform instantly generates feedback to companies such as what percentage of employees are in a good mood, trends in stress and employee satisfaction over time, the underlying causes of employee well-being or dissatisfaction, how your organizations ranks compared to others, and tips and advice for improving wellness, motivation, and engagement.

The Utrecht-based startup recently raised a new investment of €360k, which it will use for product development and international expansion.

2DAYSMOOD works with various companies, large and small, with the development of a more positive working environment. The Dutch rail network manager ProRail became a customer with almost 4,500 employees at the beginning of 2019. The startup also works with software suppliers, municipalities, as well as education and healthcare institutions – two sectors currently facing major HR challenges with staff shortages, high turnover, and high workloads.


“The measurement is done quickly, continuously, and in a fun way, generating feedback that is reliable and relevant,” said CEO Martin Meulenkamp. “Managers who use our online analysis platform see our smart data as a huge advantage. With these figures at your fingertips you can make clearer decisions on ‘soft subjects’ such as work happiness or work stress more decisiveness, thereby freeing up resources for management.”

2DAYSMOOD plants to use the funding to hire new talent, especially for product development and customer support. In the coming months, 2DAYSMOOD also hopes to continue to grow internationally by expanding its presence in the US and Australia. The startup’s next product will focus on the link between employee happiness and the KPIs of a company, allowing organizations to directly link data on dissatisfaction, stress and commitment to their KPIs.

Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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