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5 advantages of working in a tech startup

Editor’s Note: This guest post has been contributed by Infojobs. If you’re also interested in partnering with us, just reach out.

If you’re involved in the tech world, interested in starting a new business, or even just looking for a job, you’ve definitely heard about “startups” beforeyoung tech companies seeking to quickly develop and scale a product or service via the Internet. A laptop, a good strategy, and small financial backing is sometimes already enough; and with a bit of luck and hard work, the first customers and a legit office space will soon follow. If you want to get to know some of the benefits that startups offer and discover what it means to work in a startup, this article is for you.

What is it like to work in a startup?

If working in a startup has ever crossed your mind, you should be clear that it’s not exactly a fairytale. The truth is that they are not overflowing with capital; rather, they’re clinging to the idea of a project in which they’ve placed all hopes of success, and so their structure is sometimes a bit shaky. However, it is true that they offer work routines that are not comparable to the corporate world, and this is part of their attraction. Below you’ll find 5 advantages that will probably encourage you to decide if you want to work in a startup:

5 advantages of breaking into the world of startups:

1. Everything still remains to be done

This is the biggest advantage of all. One good thing about startups is that everything is still to be done. Your product is so new that any idea or touch that you can suggest to improve might contribute to further growth. You could never have imagined working with so much freedom and the feeling that you are creating something from scratch.

2. Sense of belonging

Do you know those movies where the protagonists work in eight-story buildings? Imagine how complicated it is to stand out amongst all those people. In large multinationals, it’s difficult – or even impossible – to get to know the entire staff, and that makes you just another number. However, you can take it as a given that startups are very different. They have small and cohesive teams. Everyone knows everyone else and you can even talk informally with the boss, who is put on a pedestal at other companies.

3. Rapid professional growth

This is one of the main reasons for working at a startup: forget promotions every five years and inaccessible positions. Startups, when growing successfuly, provide opportunities to grow very quickly. Their work model allows people to gain experience in less time and this allows them to move up within the organisation.

4. Contact with the market

The fact that the working group in a startup company is so small means that they must be in direct contact with the client themselves. And as you know, the more personal the relationship, the more you will learn about the needs of the client and the market. As a result, the priority will be to optimise the products and services, and to be sure to satisfy the client.

5. Rewarding with shares

In the most American of styles – when you have been with the company for a while or if you enter the startup in a leading role, they might decide to make you a partner. Of course, this depends on the startup you’re a part of and how it has evolved since you joined, however there’s a realistic chance of being rewarded with shares in the company. Obviously, this has pros and cons, but have you stopped to think what would happen if the startup turned into the next Instagram or WhatsApp?

As we mentioned at the beginning, finding a job in a startup is fashionable because of the tech boom, since they are part of a movement that’s not turning back and, no matter what, they’re here to stay. So, working in a startup of this kind can be enormously rewarding and an essential experience in a world in which digital is the order of the day.

If you’re still not entirely convinced, go to InfoJobs and check out the myriad of job offers they have for startups. Good luck and we wish you every success!

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This guest post has been contributed by Infojobs.

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