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After raising $50 million, Swedish e-scooter startup VOI expands to Lisbon

Swedish urban mobility startup VOI, which raised $50 million this November, has announced the launch of its e-scooter service in Lisbon today.

The startup is already present in cities around Europe, including Stockholm, Gothenburg, Madrid, Zaragoza and Malaga, and has more than 150,000 registered users. VOI plans to further expand into Italy and France in the coming months.

VOI offers a green, convenient, and inexpensive alternative to cars and public transit. The e-scooters can be unlocked through an app, and cost just €1 to unlock and €.15 per minute to ride.

Frederico Venâncio, General Manager of VOI Portugal, said: “Since the launch in Stockholm, we have seen a very strong growth, with more than 450,000 kilometers travelled with VOI since then. We expect a similar result in Lisbon, a city marked by innovation, technology and good weather. We believe that we can offer the polluted and congested cities of Europe an accessible, innovative and sustainable service to all who visit or live in them.” 

VOI plans to further its expansion rapidly, yet carefully, and in collaboration with local authorities.

VOI CEO and founder Fredrik Hjelm explains: “We focused on creating the best possible experience for cities and we decided, for example, to limit the number of scooters to reach new markets to control the shape and the places where they are used. When we arrive with a controlled fleet, we also have the opportunity to train our users about the advantages of electric scooters in their daily commutes, both for themselves and for those with whom they share the city.”

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Mary Loritz
Mary Loritz
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