Belgian startup SweepBright raises €2.3 million to conquer South American and Australian property markets


The Antwerp-based startup SweepBright has just secured €2.3 million in additional funding. This successful Series A round confirms SweepBright’s position as an important international player in the proptech sector. The new investors are Cennini Holdings, QuaeroQ and a number of private investors. In addition, Volta Ventures, Pieterjan Bouten and Louis Jonckheere from Showpad and Jeroen Lemaire from In The Pocket, who already invested a collective €1.5 million in SweepBright in 2017, also reaffirmed their trust via the Series A financing.

Founded in 2016, SweepBright created a proptech solution which enables real estate agents to create, distribute and follow-up on their listings via their smartphone, with considerably greater speed and convenience. All that via a centralised digital platform that also enables seamless integration with other apps. And because real estate agents no longer have to manually input their property listings, they gain up to 70% time which can be allocated to the more valuable client contacts and improved service, resulting in increased sales figures.

SweepBright CEO Raphael Bochner commented: “The future belongs to real estate agencies who are able to make the shift to increased productivity, a better customer experience and more robust digital marketing. This trend is already very visible in countries such as the US. But even in Belgium, there are several agencies – including a few newcomers – who have high ambitions with this approach. The biggest achievements are booked by real estate agencies that go beyond mere technological gimmicks and make a radical break with the traditional ways of working.”

So-called “next-generation” real-estate agencies are making significant inroads around the world, thanks largely to proptech solutions such as SweepBright. And they are leaving traditional agencies behind with their unparalleled speed, markedly improved efficiency and keen focus on customer experience. The US next-gen agency Compass, for example, recently raised $400 million. In the UK, the agency PurpleBricks has also booked phenomenal success. In Belgium, agencies such as WeInvest and Immo Francois are also capitalising on the new trend, with success. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the leading venture capital fund, Thomvest Ventures has cited SweepBright as one of the leading apps on the market for the real estate transaction space.

Frank Maene, Managing Partner of Volta Ventures stated: “There have been some significant evolutions on the real-estate market. But when it comes to efficiency, there is still a lot of room for improvement. SweepBright is already facilitating that shift, enabling estate agents to focus more of their time on clients. Raphael Bochner knows the property market better than anyone and is well aware of the challenges facing the sector. He has developed the solution. Now it’s simply a matter of rolling it out as far and as wide as possible.”

SweepBright is today already active internationally through its offices in Antwerp and New York. SweepBright also has its sights set on the further development of the Mexican market. Through a partnership with the Mexican classifieds website Segundamano, the Belgian company will gain a foothold in the South American real estate market. And via an agreement with the Real Estate Institute Queensland, the door to the rapidly growing Australian market is also wide open. Indeed, SweepBright now has plans to capitalise on those opportunities with the establishment of a local office in Brisbane.

With its newly acquired financing, SweepBright intends to expand its team with additional developers and sales profiles. SweepBright also intends to bump up its investments in R&D with a rapid expansion of its data analytics capacities and the addition of extended campaign management features.

By the way: If you’re interested to join a fast-growing startup like SweepBright, make sure to check out the EU-Startups Job Board.


  1. You say:
    “because real estate agents no longer have to manually input their property listings, they gain up to 70% time which can be allocated to the more valuable client contacts and improved service, resulting in increased sales figures”

    So how do they input their listings? Which is what this SweepBright of course then providers.
    Do they upload it via ESP or Magic 🙂
    But no seriously, why report incomplete like this! If you are going so say that SweepBright provides real estate agents this NEW way, which is not manually, to input their property listings, then state what it is.

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