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10 common traits of unstoppable entrepreneurs

Unstoppable entrepreneurs have the ability to lead others, formulate an exciting vision, aim at achieving big goals and continuously accelerate the growth of their business operations. They are highly competitive, self-motivated and respected by their peers, being able to engage people to work towards their objectives.

Entrepreneurial success cases often propose a sequence of opportunity identification, resources acquisition, business operation creation, expansion and scalable growth. Those founders have a clear vision of where they want to be, are goal oriented, measure business performance, and are able to align employee activities to employee strengths.

Here are 10 common traits of unstoppable entrepreneurs. Be sure to develop some of them to improve your performance and efficiency.

1. Unstoppable entrepreneurs have a clear vision and review it often. They have clear objectives as well as long-term, mid-term and short-term goals. Having the goals divided by periodicity allows you to plan your days and weeks with unmatched focus, knowing exactly what you’re set out to reach, progressively and incrementally.

2. Unstoppable entrepreneurs plan based on priorities. In business, it’s easy to let other people’s priorities or urgent events run your daily routine most of the time. Phone calls, e-mails, appointments, hiring interviews, team meetings and so on. Successful entrepreneurs know that every day they’re building their ventures and organizations. That’s why they frequently review their accomplishments at the end of each day, in order to adapt for the next days around the successes and failures. This is one great habit with invaluable importance to entrepreneurs and one might consider incorporating this to your routine to increase your efficiency.

3. Unstoppable entrepreneurs serve, instead of being served. They focus and care about their customers success and their employees’ success. The more you invest in customer service practices, the most delighted your clients are. That will increase your customer and employee engagement automatically. Think always about what you can positively increase or improve in other people’s lives, and more often than rarely your next unstoppable product or service will come along that path.

4. Unstoppable entrepreneurs take calculated risks. They take risks every day, and they are able to control their fears better than most people. As part of running a company, those entrepreneurs are always calculating which risks to take, for how long and balancing the consequences. They are often facing fears like cashflow shortening, payroll postponing, competitors’ attacks, unfair auditing and many others. This means that when they take a look at all possible advantages and disadvantages, they look at all possible outcomes and make a calculated and informed decision taking everything into consideration, for the best of their business.

5. Unstoppable entrepreneurs are ambitious and can sell. They have a habit of searching for problems nobody fixed, or products and services that are not as good as they could be. No matter how difficult the problem or issue may be, unstoppable entrepreneurs have a strong and long drive to study and fix them. They are comfortable with selling their solution even when it is not ready yet. Those entrepreneurs can communicate how that service or product will be and build scenarios where most of their public will understand the advantages of their solutions, raising awareness and funds for accomplishing their vision.

6. Unstoppable entrepreneurs know their strengths and weaknesses. Successful business owners must be honest with themselves and they constantly review their own strengths and weaknesses. It takes courage to really examine yourself like this, but it yields considerable return when you know exactly the profile you need to hire or to partner with, in order to complement your skills and abilities.

7. Unstoppable entrepreneurs hire committed team players. Contrary to popular belief, unstoppable entrepreneurs who succeed most look for committed employees and not all-star profiles. Nobody begins hiring the most expensive or the all-star in their industry instead of a team of committed employees. To be an unstoppable entrepreneur, you’ve got to hire the best people who can engage with your business operation, customers and ideas. These people will stay longer and be your brand ambassadors everywhere they go, differently from all-stars who will jump out of your operation the moment they have a better offer.

8. Unstoppable entrepreneurs never stop reading and learning. They are aware that they need constant knowledge feed. As a result of this awareness, they push themselves to learn about all aspects of their business and correlated areas. Having updated knowledge is essential if you want to succeed in any field, and this is a very broad one: your industry, world affairs – as they may affect your market, new technologies, regulation, jurisprudence, and so on.

9. Unstoppable entrepreneurs are always mining opportunities. They don’t rest on their most recent success. They know that business environments and technologies can change quickly and affect their current business model. To be unstoppable, as often as possible, look for your next opportunity ad start mining it. Identify new trends in your industry or look for a new application of an old product that could give you a competitive advantage over what everybody will be doing in one year.

10. Unstoppable entrepreneurs are prudent with money. They dedicate attention to money and cashflow management. They know that the highest risk for any company is to have their cashflow compromised for a time that the company cannot react. They prudently invest in overhead and always keep track of the money and manage their business cashflow or supervise it at least weekly.

You don’t need to be a unstoppable entrepreneur to add some of those traits to your daily routine and see how they will improve your business venture.

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Bernardo Arnaud
Bernardo Arnaud
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