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Join the Tanker Brewery syndicate now on Funderbeam (Sponsored)

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The Estonian startup ​Tanker Brewery​ believes that fresh and delicious beer brings people together and they are proud to be a part of the craft beer community. Tanker was started as the founders lived through the craft beer revolution in the United States and wanted to bring that experience and sense of community to Estonia.

The Tanker Brewery has stubbornly refined their recipes and are going out into the  market every day to share Tanker beer with the world. In their journey for the perfect glass of beer, the Tanker team has developed more than 75 different recipes. Their success has led them to the point where they are struggling to keep up with the demand for their products so to expand production, Tanker Brewery recently launched a ​fundraising campaign on Funderbeam​.

Five years ago, the Tanker founders went all-in and bought the biggest and best  equipment they could afford with their personal savings. Since their start, they’ve put in lots of effort to operate their brewery. But in its current state (4000-6000 litres weekly), Tanker’s brewery can’t produce the quantity they need to meet demand.

Therefore, a significant portion of the funding from their equity fundraising round on  Funderbeam will be used to build a new brewery with new equipment, which is  expected to be easily capable of producing five times more beer than today. In addition, they plan to expand their team which currently includes seven employees.

Further information about the company and their fundraising campaign can be found via the ​Tanker Brewery Syndicate​ page, on the Funderbeam platform. If you want to be part of the craft beer revolution, now is your chance to learn more.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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