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10 European mobility startups to watch in 2018 and beyond

Traffic jams and inefficiency lead to wasted time and associated economic and environmental costs in many European cities. Are you also tired of this? Take a look at the 10 European mobility startups we’re presenting below. All of them were founded in 2015 or more recently and each one of them could have a substantial and positive impact on the public/goods transportation in the near future.

Ampler-logoAmplr Bikes: Founded in 2015, Amplr Bikes is an Estonian startup that aims to solve the urban commuting challenge and has created smart electric bikes for urban cyclists. Amplr Bikes are lighter than the existing models and have been designed with the objective to make them easy to use in modern cities. So far, the young company secured about $713.5K in venture capital.

Cargonexx-logoCargonexx is a German startup that was founded at the end of 2015. Cargonexx reduces empty runs in truck transport. The startup already has more than 60,000 trucks in its network. The concept is the following: Shippers can order truck loads with just a mouse click. The orders are forwarded automatically to the truck that best suits the tour. Their technology predicts peak loads and sends the trucks to where they are needed in advance. This results in a win-win situation as the shippers save money and the transporters earn more. Thus, this result in having less trucks on the roads. This startup was one of the four winners of the European Startup Prize for Mobility.

Cocolis-logoCocolis is a French startup that connects people who need to send something with drivers with an empty trunk. All the items on the road are insured up to €2,000.  Shipping costs can be very expensive, especially for heavy or bulky items. With Cocolis everyone wins: senders pay up to 80% cheaper and bringers save money on the road while helping. Cocolis was also one of the four winners of the European Startup Prize for Mobility.

Coup-logoCoup: Founded in 2016, Coup is a German startup that developed an eScooter-Sharing service solution in Berlin, with a fleet of 1,000 electric scooters, and in Paris, with 600. The self-service solution helps save time and is an excellent supplement to the mobility services in the city centers. It takes just a few taps to find a scooter available nearby. COUP Mobility offers fun electric scooters for your rides.

Lilium-logoLilium Aviation is a German startup founded in 2015. Supported by the European Space Agency, Lilium develops an electric vertical take-off and landing jet/taxi. The startup was founded by four visionary aerospace engineers and product designers from the Technical University of Munich. Lilium is now a thriving startup driven by the passion to revolutionize personal transportation. Financially secure thanks to reputable investors and supported by the European Space Agency (ESA), Lilium aims to become the first and the best in electric VTOL aviation and already raised about €91.5 in funding.

Maas-GlobalMaaS Global is a Finnish startup founded in 2015. The Helsikin-based company is bringing into reality the concept of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), by building the world’s first mobility ecosystem. Their mobile app, Whim, covers all your daily travel needs with one simple app and payment. Their aim is to provide people an alternative to owning a car. Maas Global was one of the four winners of the European Startup Prize for Mobility. So far, MaaS Global raised about €12.2 million in venture capital.

Seabubbles-logoSeaBubbles is a French mobility startup which founded in 2015. Headquartered in Paris, SeaBubbles provides a flying water car ecosystem. The Bubble is a 100% electric Water Flying Car, using the foiler technology for an ultimate energy efficiency: Zero wave, zero noise, zero emission. SeaBubbles will be operated as a water taxi service, which requires a network of mooring stations for boarding/unboarding passengers and charging the vessels. The young company was already able to secure about €10.1 million in funding.

Tracefy-logoTracefy is a Dutch startup founded in 2015. The young company has transformed one the most popular Dutch means of transport in a tool for smart mobility: the bicycle. Their combination of hardware (GPS module) and software connects bicycles to the internet. The real-time location information provides a diversity of innovative functionalities and useful data. It can be used as theft protection, to plan service or bill rentals, based on actual mileage, manage your fleet with an personalized dashboard, provide customers with real-time updates about delivery status or plan city infrastructure based on Tracefy heatmaps.

Trusk-logoTrusk is a French startup based in Paris. Founded in 2015, Trusk provides a platform that connects you with 1 or 2 carriers (Truskers) with a utility. You can use Trusk to carry any object from point A to point B without leaving your home. Trusk is particularly suitable for transporting large items such as sofas, furniture, etc. Trusk moves your furniture on demand. In total, Trusk secured about €2.5 million in funding till date.

Wakeo-logoWakeo is a French startup which was founded in 2016. With financial support by Techstart Paris, Wakeo developed a SaaS platform to bring real-time visibility on B2B transport flows (sea, air, road). They help shippers and forwarders improve customer experience and optimize operations. Wakeo does this by consolidating multiple transport partners into a central Saas platform to bring real-time visibility on all transport flows.

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Gapur Tsorojev
Gapur Tsorojev
Gapur lives in Paris, is passionate about entrepreneurship and took part at the European Innovation Academy. He is also the founder of The VC Review.


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