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Gothenburg-based CELLINK secures a €2.5 million EU grant to print human cancer tumors

CELLINK, an innovative 3D Bioprinting startup from Sweden, today announced it receives a €2.5 million EU grant for the development and commercializing of its TumorPrint project.

The project aims to develop and commercialize a specific Bioprinting platform including, Bioinks, software and hardware specialized for printing of human cancer tumors. The total project budget is €3.5 million, CELLINK will fund €1 million and the European Commission €2.5 million.

The project spans over 29 months and is coordinated and ran solely by CELLINK. The goal with the TumorPrint project is to offer a high throughput screening platform for pharmaceutical companies enabling them to study cell reaction within cancer tumors when exposed to different compounds. CELLINK has also retrieved a ‘Letter of Intent’ from a global pharmaceutical company whom will aid with the validation of the platform.

If the project is successful it will generate income to CELLINK through sales of Bioinks, software and systems. A big miletone for the Swedish startup, which was founded in 2016.

Erik Gatenholm, the CEO of CELLINK, stated: “We are incredibly grateful for EU funding that contributes to the continued development of new technologies in Europe and we look forward to create value for our current and future customers in the pharmaceutical industry, but most importantly, creating patient benefit worldwide.”

You want to learn more about what CELLINK is working on? Check out the video below:

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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