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Rennes-based Klaxoon raises $50 million for the global expansion of its teamwork platform

Klaxoon, the global champion of teamwork solutions, today announced it has secured $50 million in Series B Funding in a round led by Idinvest Partners with participation from Bpifrance, Sofiouest, Arkea, White Star Capital Fund, and others. The fresh capital will allow Klaxoon to boost its R&D development of its ever increasingly sophisticated collaboration tools and further extend its international presence.

Rennes-based Klaxoon aims to revolutionize the way organizations harness the power of their teams with solutions designed to address one of the most daunting challenges of teamwork – make meetings efficient. Founded in 2014 and launched in 2015, Klaxoon has powered a meeting revolution with a sophisticated SaaS platform of advanced tools that improve any type of meeting. From increasing engagement, facilitating better and faster decisions, improving information retention, encouraging creativity and tracking actionable outcomes, Klaxoon is addressing an increasing need.

The average U.S. executive has 2-3 meetings a day and will spend 16 years of their life in a meeting. While the need for collaboration and time spent in meetings has skyrocketed with modern and mobile work practices, the digital tools to serve businesses have largely been focused until now on internal communications, business tools, and instant messaging.

Klaxoon is the first player to come up with solutions catering to a fourth pillar – efficient work collaboration in its natural environment – the meeting. Meeting formats have barely evolved since the 1980s and the launch of presentation software. Klaxoon provides the first real alternative to change the way meetings are conducted and its impact can be huge!

“Our research and platform’s success show that holding efficient meetings is the secret of successful teams. While new ways of communicating at work have disrupted established practices, improving the structure and focus of meetings has never been revamped or addressed,” says Matthieu Beucher, Klaxoon’s CEO. He continued: “We’ve found that organizations need a solution that would allow their employees to easily get in sync with their team, no matter if they are working remote or in different time zones. This is where Klaxoon comes in. Our solutions help optimize meeting duration and boost collective intelligence, making it easier for everyone to contribute and bring fun to collaborative work. Now thanks to this significant Series B round, we will be able to help even more companies around the world improve their meetings and collaborations.”

Accessible from any connected device, Klaxoon makes a difference whatever the business or the nature, location or size of the team. Just as PCs have allowed everyone from individuals to large organizations and businesses to execute multiple tasks more efficiently, The Klaxoon suite of tools revolutionize the way millions collaborate with each other all around the world.

In just three years, Klaxoon has demonstrated impressive global growth and today has more than a million active users in more than 120 counties. With an equal split of small businesses and major players such Toyota, Dior, L’Oréal, Johnson & Johnson, Air France, Accenture and Marriot using Klaxoon, it has established itself as the dominate global player.

In addition to funding R&D initiatives, Klaxoon plans to use the capital to expand its business operations in North America and Europe. The young company plans to add a further 100 people to its team, bringing its total to 250.

Benoit Grossman, Managing Director of Idinvest Partners, stated: “Klaxoon has the DNA of a future global champion. We are excited to come onboard as we have total confidence in the vision of its founder and the talents within its teams. I am convinced that the appeal of their innovative collaborative solutions will keep growing on a global scale.”

Available from $19 a month on a SaaS subscription model, the Klaxoon offering consists of:

  • A sophisticated online platform that is accessible from any connected device. It offers a range of tools and apps to manage, enhance and track a range of meeting activities from timekeeping and engagement to brainstorming and interactive training.
  • MeetingBoard – A state-of the-art interactive whiteboard that provides larger-than life-access to the Klaxoon platform. It turns any environment into a meeting space.
  • Klaxoon Box – Bringing the power of Klaxoon in a self-contained environment. A closed Wi-Fi network for participants to connect to Klaxoon, it is used when internet is not available or the utmost security is required.
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