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Green Alley Award 2018 is looking for the best circular economy startups in Europe – apply now! (Sponsored)

The Green Alley Award is entering the next round: Right now, circular economy entrepreneurs and startups have the opportunity to apply with their business ideas. Landbell Group, originator of the Founder’s Award, encourages young companies to compete with their technology, service or product by July 1, 2018.

With the Green Alley Award, Landbell Group created the first European startup award for the circular economy in 2014. This year, founders have the chance to present their innovative projects at the GAA 2018 by applying here. The winner, who will receive €25,000 in prize money, will be determined at the finals in October as part of a live pitch.

The Green Alley Award 2018 is aimed at all startups and young entrepreneurs who have developed a business model in the areas of digital circular economy, recycling and waste prevention. GAA 2018 is looking for companies that are about to launch with their products or services or are already in the growth phase. Startup founders who want to expand into other European markets are also welcome. The sole condition is that the business idea must help recycle resources.

Patrick Schulz, CEO of of the Mainz-based Landbell Group, stated: “We are delighted that the Green Alley Award is entering its fifth round this year. In recent years, we have come to know many exciting and innovative business ideas that all show in a special way how we can gradually establish a circular economy in Europe. In a circular economy, the value of products, materials and resources should be conserved in the economic cycle for as long as possible while, at the same time, generating as little waste as possible. In our current linear economy, not all products are recycled at the end of their lifecycle, wasting valuable materials.”

Whether it’s the avoidance of plastics, the development of sustainable materials or the multiple use of products – the circular economy holds enormous business potential for young entrepreneurs and startups. This can be seen in the diversity of ideas from GAA winners over the past years. In 2017, the Finnish startup Sulapac convinced the jury with a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging. The two scientists, Suvi Haimi and Laura Kyllönen, had developed a packaging material made of wood that is biodegradable while still maintaining the waterproof and impermeable advantages of plastic. The packaging is currently being used primarily in the cosmetics industry. Other honoured innovations from previous years were the ‘Breathaboard’ from Adaptavate, a breathable and recyclable alternative to conventional plasterboard as well as the Finnish startup RePack with their reusable shipping packaging.

The goal of the Green Alley Award is to bring together the pioneers of the circular economy, to work with them on their business model and, ideally, to network them with potential customers.

Landbell Group CEO Patrick Schulz added: “We want to give the founders a platform to present their ideas and develop them together with us. The finalists have the opportunity to have an intensive exchange of ideas with our experts in workshops.”

Next Steps: Interested founders and startups from all of Europe can submit their ideas by July 1. From the incoming applications, six finalists will be selected to take part in GAA and will be notified in early September. The finalists are then invited to Berlin on October 18th, where they will work on their business models in individual rounds of talks with LBG professionals as well as external experts on the circular economy and startup industry. At the end of the day, the finalists present their projects on stage in front of an expert jury and an international audience in a five-minute pitch. The jury consists of representatives from the Landbell Group as well as external experts including Alexis Figeac, originator of the EU project R2Pi on Circular Economy Business Models, and Suvi Haimi, CEO and co-founder of the startup Sulapac which won the 2017 Green Alley Award.

Below you’ll find some impressions from last year’s edition of the Award:

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