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HR-Tech startup Healthy Workers secures €500K in funding to improve office productivity

HR Technology Startup Healthy Workers has raised a total of €500K of growth capital from six investors. The funding round was led by Cairn Real Estate, a real estate investor with approximately 800,000m² of office space under management in the Benelux and Germany.

Founded in 2015 and based in Amsterdam, Healthy Workers helps large companies such as UWV and IBM gain insight into employee well-being and the quality of life in the office building to provide so-called “interventions” that provide a pleasant working environment and happier employees.

Boy Lokhoff, the founder of Healthy Workers stated: “Research shows that in the Netherlands only 9 percent of employees of large companies feel involved in his or her work; The lowest figure in Europe. Large companies invest millions in improving the sustainability of their buildings and the well-being of their employees, but they often have no clue whether those investments are effective at all, hence diminishing the success of the company. We make both the quality of life and employee satisfaction measurable, to give companies the impression that they can truly influence it.”

Healthy Workers aims to ensure a perfect match between the quality of life in the building and welfare of the employees. The HR tech startup measures employee’s well-being and stress levels through continuous anonymous satisfaction surveys and displays it in a dashboard. At the same time, IoT-sensors continuously monitor factors that affect the conditions, such as the indoor climate, temperature, humidity, CO2 and harmful gases in the work environment.

The platform uses the welfare and environmental data to perform interventions – which directly impact the work environment. For example, a “smart green wall” of plants is installed: a proven tool to positively influence the absenteeism and concentration of employees, which also monitors and improves the indoor climate. After the summer, other smart interventions in the field of light, sound, motion, and nutrition can be found and booked on Healthy Workers’ platform.

Healthy Workers was created by Boy Lokhoff and B. Ventures, the investment vehicle of startup ecosystem B. Amsterdam. Healthy Workers enables continous monitoring of the state of office buildings and the well-being of employees. Thus allowing interventions to be made to create a productive work environment that makes employees happier. Currently, Healthy Workers is used at 750 desks in 10 different office buildings in the Netherlands, including those of UWV and IBM.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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