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Danish startup Pleo wins Pioneer Of The Year 2016

The Danish fintech startup Pleo has received the “Pioneer of the Year 2016” award as the best startup at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna. The startup offers smart company payment cards for employees.

Pleo was founded by Jeppe Rindom and Niccolo Perra in 2015. It provides cards for employees enabling them to buy things they need for work. Pleo reduces the administrative complexity and simplifies bookkeeping while keeping the companies in control of spending with the help of an accompanying app and breakthrough technology.

The benefits of a Pleo Mastercard:

  • sign-up directly on the Pleo website with no paperwork and no change of bank is needed;
  • it can be owned card by the employee as well as card whenever you need one;
  • individual spending rights and limits;
  • easy on-the-go capturing and matching receipts;
  • live dashboard for employees and managers;
  • all purchases can be fed into the most popular accounting software.

CEO and co-founder Jeppe Rindom presented the company in front of 2,500 participants from all across Europe. The winner of this competition was selected by the panel of expert judges. According to the organisers of the Pioneers Festival, about 3,000 startups from 93 countries applied for Pioneers Festival competition this year!

“It’s a great feeling to have our idea validated by some of the smartest minds in Europe. Nobody likes expense reports so that’s why we built a company card that works for everyone – from everyday employees to thrifty Financial Directors and frustrated account departments. We’re currently in private beta and are inviting companies across the UK and Denmark to join the list to be the first to try our technology,” says Jeppe Rindom.

Pleo received up to €500,000 from Speedinvest, a trip to  California to visit the Red Bull High Performance Center Experience and a private consulting workshop with Austrian state secretary Harald Mahrer.

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