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Saberr raises £1 million on its mission to improve team performance

Saberr, the people analytics company that forecasts the performance of teams by measuring employee culture fit, has raised £1 million in a funding round led by the Angel CoFund.

Saberr was founded in 2013 by Alistair Shepherd, who developed the algorithm based on a combination of data from online dating sites, classical psychology and behavioural economics. Since then the London-based startup has worked with a number of high-profile customers including Deloitte, Microsoft and Bank of Ireland. Saberr helps teams “work well together”. They do it by using data to forecast workplace performance by modelling human behaviour and peer to peer relationships, and by developing technology that is easy to use to generate valuable insights to organisations of all sizes. Saberr’s insights help managers make better decisions about their teams and organisations make better decisions about their people.

“Teams are a critical unit of performance in organisations today. Deloitte recently reported that organisational design and “the rise of teams” is the most important human capital trend in 2016. Saberr is leading innovation to generate insight to help managers and teams work better together. We design technology and apply sophisticated analytics so that leaders can design and manage great teams,” says Tom Marsden, CEO of Saberr.

Saberr has received backing from new and existing angel investors in this new round of funding. The fresh capital will be used to market Saberr’s unique algorithm that helps companies to assess if a new hire will work well with their new team, as well as for the extension of this product to help existing teams work together more effectively. Saberr has previously raised a seed funding round led by Seedcamp, after it successfully demonstrated its algorithm on Seedcamp’s prospective investments.

For more info, check out the recent interview which TechWorld did with Saberr co-founder Alistair Shepherd (Update – February 2023: The page seems to be out of use, and we therefore deactivated the original link) or visit Saberr’s blog to learn more about the story behind the UK-based startup.

Ieva Treija
Ieva Treija
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