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8 Hungarian startups to look out for in 2016

Hungary’s startup scene is not yet as mature as the ones of Germany or the UK, but the country’s startup ecosystem is growing at a noticeable rate. Beyond the borders of Europe, Hungarians are known for their technical talent. No surprice, that some of the world’s most exciting tech companies like Prezi or Ustream were co-founded by Hungarians.

In the beginning of this year, we took a close look at the Hungarian startup scene and created a list of 8 promising startups to watch in 2016. All of the young companies we’re mentioning below entered the market within the last two years and each of the them has something special to add to the tech and/or business world of the future.

Enbritely-logo1. Enbrite.ly: A Budapest-based startup which offers a full marketing source analysis and a detailed report with an action plan to eliminate fraudulent behavior. Enbrite.ly helps its customers to preventing further fraud and increases their ROI across different marketing channels while enabling a safe further growth. The promising startup was founded in 2014 and closed a seed funding round of about €750K in April of 2015.

Analogy-logo2. Analogy Co.: With the power of collective intelligence, Analogy Co. wants to enable you to transform your passive knowledge into practical advice. With Analogy Co. you can build your own virtual consultant – easily taught by your community. The Budapest-based startup was founded in 2014 and raised a total of roughly $587K in venture capital.

RisingStack-logo3. Risingstack: Founded in 2014, RisingStack empowers businesses to be successful with Node.js and microservices by trainings, tooling and consulting. The Budapest-based company provides help in the full lifecycle of JavaScript applications: design, development, code reviews, deployment and maintenance. So far, the ambitious team behind Risingstack seems to have raised no VC funding.

Bitrise-logo4. Bitrise: The Budapest-based startup Bitrise helps you automate your daily app development tasks from building through testing to deployment. With Bitrise you can configure these tasks with a unique, visual workflow editor, with dozens of service integrations ready to roll. Bitrise was founded in 2015 and seems to have raised no venture capital yet.

App_io-logo5. Opp.io: A great service which helps teams and small business to be more productive at meetings and follow-ups. Founded in 2014, the meeting note taking tool Opp.io not only enables you to write beautiful meeting notes, but also to track action items and easily follow up after meetings. The Budapest- and San Francisco-based startup Opp.io secured about $81.5K in seed funding.

Candy-logo6. Candy: A promising startup from Budapest which created a flexible and visual way to organize the best things from the web. Candy enables you to grab textual information from any website easily, embed any kind of new information and organize saved contents on a flexible surface. You can also use Candy to prepare yourself for presentations, essays, articles, or just to create your watchlists or DIY tutorials. Candy was founded in 2014 and seems to have raised no venture capital yet.

PublishDrive-logo7. PublishDrive: As an enterprise resource planning solution for digital publishing, PublishDrive helps increase ebook sales globally with intelligent analytics and fast distribution to more than 400 e-stores. PublishDrive was founded in 2014 in Budapest and besides distribution PublishDrive covers all parts of ebook management from production, price promotion, sales analytics, marketing activities, consolidated sales reports and billing. So far, the young company has secured no VC funding.

Shoka-logo8. Shoka: The Shoka app together with the smart bicycle gadget Shoka Bell provides useful features for cyclists, but the two elements also are fully functional as a standalone device. The application itself can provide similar features as a fitness app, but using it together with the bell it is capable of geo-location, navigation and different types of ringing. With the sensors inside the Shoka Bell the bell warns the cyclist if he or she is getting close to a dangerous road section. Founded in 2014, the Budapest-based startup so far raised about $112K in venture capital.

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr is the "Editor in Chief" of EU-Startups.com and started the blog in October 2010. He is excited about Europe's future, passionate about new business ideas and lives in Barcelona (Spain).


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