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Ad2games and HitFox launch influencer marketing firm Nevaly

Ad2games together with HitFox Group have announced the launch of Nevaly. Nevaly promotes video games and online content through a combination of consulting by experts from various fields and an entirely automated marketplace. In essence, what Nevaly offers is to manage a promotional campaign for your digital product.

Nevaly is founded as a response to a perceived lack of companies offering all-round management of promotional campaigns for both big and small digital creators, and the absence of convenient ways to connect online “influencers” and advertisers who are their primary customers. The company’s first successes include the execution of campaigns for some major names in online gaming, such as Ubisoft, Gaijin, Wargaming.net and Gameforge.

For advertisers, Nevaly offers brands creative influencer campaigns, both for gaming and non-gaming products. Amongst the offerings are highly targeted user acquisition campaigns via YouTube influencers who fit a specific target audience. In short, advertisers can use popular YouTube channels and websites to try and drum up new users for their digital products. Another service on offer is the execution of an in-depth campaign, which includes a storyline, a community call-to-action and lots of creative content.

Director of Global Marketing at Gaijin Entertainment, Igor Khachaturyan says: “Nevaly supported our promotional activities with very creative and custom-tailored solutions built around their influencer network, which resulted in a highly successful and memorable campaign. Nevaly got us right to our target audience and yielded great results for us. We’re looking forward to expand our partnership further in the future!”

For influencers, Nevaly offers a simple way to monetise channels through products and brands that fit the creator’s audience through a digital marketplace. The digital app is designed to connect advertisers and “influencers”, without forcing users to adhere to restrictive contractual obligations or lock-ins, but by allowing them complete control of the content displayed on their channel or website. At present, an “influencer” can pick from over 40 offers.

Nevaly’s cofounders (ad2games, HitFox and Hans Christian Dürr) come with impeccable credentials and equally impressive track-records. Dürr has expertise in video advertising and gaming markets. Prior to Nevaly, he managed international teams in competitive gaming and developed the online marketing strategies for clients such as SEGA, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts. Ad2games is Europe’s largest game-focussed ad-tech company as well as one of the leading game distribution companies worldwide. HitFox is an entrepreneurship platform with a focus on Ad-Tech, Big Data, and FinTech.

Both ad2games and HitFox provide support for Nevaly via their infrastructure, technology resources and networks, which is not that surprising, seeing that they are all part of the same mother company HitFox Group. The firm shares office space with ad2games’ in their Berlin headquarters and is currently made up of a team of six marketing experts.

Albert Schwarzmeier, CEO of Ad2games, adds, “Nevaly offers a truly innovative and much-needed solution in the fast growing video influencer market. This market is well on its way to replace television – it already has for some audiences. Nevaly is a natural addition to the products that we offer to our customers. I am strongly convinced that the company’s early success will continue and I’m very excited to support them with ad2games and HitFox.”


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