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Pirate Week or ‘When pirates take over Cologne’

It’s been two crazy days! 1.200 people from all over Europe had followed the call of the pirates to colourful and rusty scrapyard Odonien in Cologne. What happened there can only be fully understood by those who witnessed it. One thing is clear: The fourth Pirate Summit as well as the new event format, Pirate Camp, have proven (again) to be one of Europe’s hottest tech events.

On Wednesday, Pirate Camp kicked off with sunshine and great expectations. Besides startup founders, aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, freelancers, hackers and students joined this first time meeting. Together with the team of Founder Centric from London, Till Ohrmann and Manuel Koelman had organized a day full of insights, discussions, innovative session formats and activities such as upcycling and graffiti to keep energy and creativity flowing. Pirate Summit on Thursday lived up to the day before, being more intimate. International startups, more than 120 investors and speakers such as Klaas Kersting (flaregames), Mike Butcher (TechCrunch) and Evan Nisselson (LDV Capital) came to meet, talk and connect.

Pirate Summit co-founder Till Ohrmann gave an overview: “Honestly, I don’t know where to start… I am exhausted but beyond happy! We’ve been working on the Pirate Week for months, have created new ideas and got new people on board. The core of what has started as Pirate Summit four years ago is still here, though. We offer a place to meet like-minded and helpful people and most importantly to make new friends. I know this sounds cheesy but the pirates have become a big, crazy family and this family keeps growing bigger.”

Today Exec I/O, an event series started by the pirates in 2013, will be the third and last happening of Pirate Week. Focussing on the topic “mobile”, founders and executives from hand-selected startups, active investment managers as well as experienced corporate executives will discuss current trends in terms of mobile innovation, strategy, technology and design. As always, networking and meeting the right minds is essential for the series.

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Marko Srsan
Marko Srsan
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