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Silk secures $1.6 million in an extended seed round

Silk, an Amsterdam-based startup and provider of a cloud-based data publishing platform, today announced a $1.6 million extended seed round investment from the existing investor New Enterprise Associates (NEA). This recent financing round brings Silk’s total funding to date of $3.7 million.

The Silk platform lets non-technical users manage their structured and unstructured content as easy-to-search collections of web pages and visualizations. Knowledge workers who previously wasted hours each week searching through spreadsheets, text documents and presentations can quickly upload this content into Silk, which converts the information into collections of structured web pages, called Silk sites. By attaching specific user-designated tags to the HTML in Silk sites, Silk builds a semantic map of the content that allows users to quickly generate searches based on any combination of tags, or create detailed visualizations such as charts, tiles, or maps intuitively with just a few clicks of a mouse. Silk’s unique visualizations make data richer, more accessible and more impactful. Here some examples:

-You want to know more about America’s Worst Charities?
-You want to keep track of all the products Google killed?
-You want to stay current on the latest developments in 3D printing?

The young company today also announced “Silk for Teams”, the startups’s first paid offering. With the new Silk for Teams, Silk allows clients or organizations to build private, secure Silk sites backed by a rapid-response support tier for paid subscription customers. Proven use cases for Silk include project management, customer relationship management, historical data capture and analysis, human resources intranets, competitive analysis, and lightweight graphics generation for reports and websites.

To date, 16,000 registered Silk users have created more than 300,000 individual pages on the Silk, a tally that is growing at roughly 20 percent monthly. Early adopters have come from a wide range of industries, including digital marketing, venture capital, government, media and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Users include The Guardian, a global video services provider, a leading American digital marketing agency, a large European Union government agency, and hundreds of startups across the EU.

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Thomas Ohr
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