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Science network ResearchGate acquires Scholarz.net

ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists, today announced its acquisition of scholarz.net, a reference management, knowledge management and academic network based in Würzburg (Germany). Scholarz.net was founded in 2008 (as well as ResearchGate) as a spin-off of the interdisciplinary research project “Scientific Work in the Web” by two German scientists. Financial details of the transaction have not been disclosed yet.

Scholarz.net co-founder and CEO Koch is enthralled about the acquisition. He feels that scholarz.net has found the best possible new home for its users: “With its two million users ResearchGate is a widely recognized among the global scientific community. This gives me the confidence that our users will continue to enjoy the best service possible.”

Koch initially had the idea to develop the software when he started working on his dissertation and needed a tool to organize his research effectively and to share information with colleagues. Since then his brainchild has come a long way. Thousands of researchers have used it over the past few years to increase the speed and quality of their work. However, it has been increasingly difficult to keep up with the pace of innovation during few years, as ResearchGate outgrew other platforms.

Dr. Ijad Madisch, CEO and co-founder of ResearchGate (hq in Berlin) is equally delighted about the acquisition: “We’re happy to welcome scholarz.net users to ResearchGate. On our network they will find new opportunities for global scientific collaboration and new ways to build their reputation interactively and in real-time.”

Scholarz.net will be discontinuing its services come January 10, 2013. The platform’s users are requested to back-up all files they have stored on scholarz.net and to open a new account at ResearchGate. A simple to use export tool has been provided.

Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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