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French carsharing startup Voiturelib raises €2 million

Voiturelib, one of the leading peer-to-peer car rental services in France, announced today that it has secured a €2 million Series A round of funding led by Alven capital, with significant participation from Index Ventures.

Voiturelib, which was founded in 2010, lets private car owners safely rent out their cars for money, offering a competitive and easy-to-use car rental option to drivers. The Paris-based startup quickly reached critical mass and reported that it has been growing at a 30% monthly rate over the past year. Their milestone of €1 million redistributed to car owners since launching was achieved in August 2012. The new funding round will enable Voiturelib to invest in innovation on its platform, with mobile apps, security and onboard systems for buyers and sellers of the service.

Paulin Dementhon, CEO and Founder at Voiturelib stated: “We have been successful in building a very efficient and lean car rental marketplace. But we won’t settle for that. We want to change the way people use cars. Our mission is to offer on-demand access to 100,000 cars at every street corner in Europe, as an alternative to owning just one car in one place.”

Jeremy Uzan, investor at Alven Capital, commented: “We were quickly convinced by Voiturelib’s team’s professionalism. We are proud to embark on this great adventure and support the service in its ambitious project at the crossroads of ecology and social economy.”

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Thomas Ohr
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