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British musictech startup Songkick secures $10 million in round led by Sequoia Capital

Songkick, a London-based startup that helps music lovers to follow artists, watch live gigs online and book tickets, has raised a $10 million in a Series B round of financing led by Sequoia Capital.

This is the first UK investment of the famous US-based VC firm ever. Sequoia-funded successful companies include giants like Google, Apple, Yahoo, Zappos, Dropbox and many more.

The first time we introduced you to this London-based startup was in October of 2010, when Yahoo integrated the gig-listings API of Songkick. The British startup Songkick was founded in 2007, and its database of music concerts is attracting about 5 million unique visitors per month. Together with this latest B round, Songkick has now raised a total of roughly $17 million.

The co-founders of Songkick, Ian Hogarth, Michelle You and Pete Smith, announced their latest funding round on Songkick’s blog. They wrote: Recently, we Met Greg McAdoo from Sequoia Capital and really hit it off. Greg is a former CTO and CEO, with a ton of experience in helping founders turn their passion into enduring companies. He’s on the board of awesome startups like Airbnb and Bump, and was on the board of Isilon for over 7 years, from the early days to beyond IPO.

And Sequoia, along with having invested in some of the companies we most admire (like Apple, Dropbox, Google, Paypal, Square, YouTube and Zappos) are also extremely long term thinkers. They still hold some of their Google shares to this day.

As one of the earliest startups to be based in East London, this is also really exciting because it’s Sequoia’s first investment in a UK headquartered startup – but hopefully not the last! Sequoia met Larry and Sergey when they were just PhD students and saw how transformative Google could be. We’re really excited they share our belief that concerts can be for everyone and the importance of that mission.”

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