Interview with Ivan Marusic (Gamersbook)


We just had the chance to talk to Ivan Marusic, the Founder and CEO of, and ask him a few questions about his Split (Croatia) based startup. So, what is Gamersbook? Just think of everything related to games and the gaming industry grasped within a single website and you will be on the right track to find out what Gamersbook is and offers to you! The Website was launched in 2010. Right now, the passionate team of notes a rapid growth of the community and is looking for a serious investor. Enjoy the interview: When have you or your partners had the idea for Gamersbook and what made you sure it was the right one?

Ivan Marusic: Since I was a gamer myself, I came to idea that it would be awesome to create a website where people could socialize, read news and get connected to game developers directly. I came to this idea back in 2007 but started to work on it in in 2009.

Main goal for us was to allow gamers to socialize on once place while they still can assist game developers with direct feedback. A side of that, Gamersbook is also an awesome platform where game developers can promote their products to a target market consisted of 100% gamers.

At the mid of 2010 we joined forces with another team that shared our passion and the project was released in November 2010. How did you finance the startup-phase of Gamersbook and what were the main stumbling blocks of the first months?

Ivan Marusic: Developing Gamersbook was an awesome experience that was completely
self-financed by our team. We invested a lot of time and passion to be able to finally release Gamersbook. During the development phase, we weren’t looking for investors as we were able to release the project on our own.

Currently, we are looking for a serious investor because of our rapid growth. What makes Gamersbook unique or better as other gaming communities out there?

Ivan Marusic: In my opinion, this is one of the easiest questions to be answered. Why you may ask ?

Well, Gamersbook as a project is a first-ever released startup that is consisted of Social Network, Online TV and Newsportal.

According to feedback of our users and partners, Gamersbook is a site that perfectly merged those three aspects of internet business while still being user-friendly. Do you have a specific goal in relation to Gamersbook’s member growths till the end of this year?

Ivan Marusic: Our initial goal was to attract 10 thousand members till the end of
2011. Currently we have more then 21,000 members and our current plans are to close this fiscal year with 50,000 members or more ;). What kind of marketing strategies do you use to promote Gamersbook?

Ivan Marusic: At the moment, we promote Gamersbook through popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube).

Together with those tools, we have a strong newswriting team that works on a daily basis releasing a lot of news and other media related to the gaming world in general.

Also, we encourage our members to invite their friends to the network by rewarding them with various various events and prizes. Where do you like to see your Gamersbook in about 2 or 3 years?

Ivan Marusic: In 2 or 3 years time, our goal is to become one of the main, if not the main place where gamers will connect, discuss various topics and enjoy all of the promotions that will be offered to them by us and our partners.

While it is hard to predict how our current plans are going to roll out, since our team is consisted of professionals that are totally passionate with Gamersbook and all of the work related to it, I really think we will achieve our goals. What new features are forthcoming from Gamersbook in 2011/12?

Ivan Marusic: Become our members, follow us in 2011/2012 and you will enjoy all of the features that are currently in development :). Hint, they will be awesome and huge ;). How many people are working for Gamersbook at the moment and are you hiring right now?

Ivan Marusic: Currently, our team is consisted of 20 people and yes, we are always
open to discuss job opportunities with passionate individuals. How is your experience with Split (Croatia) as a location to start a

Catastrophic! Why? Although Split is an awesome city to live in, from IT business aspect, it is impossible to find investors and sponsors.