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Dublin-based HeyStaks launches community-based search apps

HeyStaks, a social search startup with offices in Dublin and San Francisco, today announced the launch of an innovative one-stop mobile search solution, combining the best search results from both your community and search engines.

The HeyStaks product is presented in an interactive newspaper-like user interface to help users quickly and easily get more relevant and personalized search results. HeyStaks is free, and is releasing apps for the iPad and Android tablets today.

Based on the premise that people sharing common interests will generate the best and most personalized search results, HeyStaks is powered by search communities – anonymous users who are brought together in a group based on their mutual interests, such as California travel, wineries, gadgets, sporting goods, news topics, etc. The app generates results that are much more relevant to people with similar interests, in addition to standard search engine results.

“People expect more from their searches. They want to search less but find more, and that is where HeyStaks comes in. Our users receive search results that are more targeted to their specific interests because they are generated from communities of like-minded people around a specific topic. Importantly, identities are protected and never revealed, yet users still get the benefit of the best of each other’s searches, simply by searching as normal” said Jonathan Dillon, CEO of HeyStaks. “We are excited to continue our mission of being the go-to search solution across tablets and smart-phones worldwide. Our iPhone and Android phone apps are already gaining traction and the introduction of our tablet apps for iPads and Android devices is our next step to achieving that vision.”

Upon searching a particular topic, users simply tap to join the most appropriate community based on that topic and are immediately presented with targeted content that users with shared interests have searched for in the past. While the user interface is simple and engaging, the model is built on unique and proprietary relevance and reputation-based social algorithms. HeyStaks also complements current search engine results by featuring Google and other search results in a newspaper-style format, and will feature more third party content sources as it continues to grow.

HeyStaks is a University College Dublin (UCD) spin-out company and was founded in 2008. Its apps are based on technology developed as part of Professor Barry Smyth’s research group and the CLARITY Centre for Sensor Web Technologies, a Science Foundation Ireland funded research centre. HeyStaks secured venture funding in 2010 from NCB Ventures.

To find out more about HeyStaks and their latest tablet apps, watch the following video:

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Thomas Ohr
Thomas Ohr
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