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23video lets you build your own videosite

23video lets you build your own videosite

23video, a Copenhagen based “startup” that is offering photo tools since 2004, is introducing its Video product, believing that the “videosite” is the new way to work with online video. So far organizational use of video on the web has been about embedding clips from centralized services like Youtube. Having your own videosite with its own domain, own design and own videoplayer have been for the few. This has hindered the adoption of video in organizations along with innovative uses of video. Even using enterprise video solutions, you had to build a website and then integrate the video solution into it. This has made videosites cumbersome and complex, requiring large budgets and well-proven business cases. 23 Video changes this by being a full video website, a videosite, out of the box combined with industry leading video capabilities. This makes it possible to start a videosite in minutes and customize it to your organization’s needs in days.

23 Video’s pricing is also very interesting, it’s a one-size-fits-all scheme, with a single $675 plan, this includes a .tv domani and 1 Terabyte of traffic per month. I think this is very affordable.

“During our preview period, we’ve already seen multiple customers creating several videosites. That’s our vision, to turn creating a new site into something you just do in an organization when an opportunity or need arises. With your web designer or agency to help you customize and design the videosite, just like they’d normally do for any other website.” says Steffen Tiedemann Christensen, co-founder of 23.

Industry analysts Gartner estimates 25% of organizational communication and interaction to be video-based in 2013.

“We’re just starting to scratch the organizational potential for using video. Organizations are reinventing how they communicate by shifting from text-centric websites to videosites.” says Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, co-founder of 23.

23 Video is also announcing that it launches with one hundred partner partners in more than 10 countries and an open partner program to engage even more as they decide to work with web agencies, communication agencies, advertising agencies and innovation consultancies that are using 23 Video to build videosites for their customers

Some of the main features are:
– HD video
– Full analytics giving you feedback on plays, engagement time and playthrough percentage.
– Templating and design modules to make designing easy.
– Distribution of your videos via Facebook, Twitter, Google Video, podcasts and Youtube.
– Videos playable anywhere on any device from mobile phones and iPads to Apple TV.
– Global distribution making your videosite quickly accessible from around the globe.
– Open Upload allowing users to easily upload videos to your videosite.
– Controlling access to your videosite. For example, making the videosite accessible only to your intranet or for paying visitors.
– Full API allowing easy integration with other systems such as SharePoint.

I think this will probably be a cash cow, we’ll see how much it can scale.