Why this Python developer role is like Star Wars

MONGOOSE GRAY Published: February 6, 2023
Rotterdam / The Hague, Netherlands
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Build cutting-edge software that has a demonstrable real-world impact.

Some of it’s like blowing up the Death Star and some of it’s like climbing a mountain on an island for three hours.

Translate complex functional designs into working solutions.

Because Luke didn’t just wake up with a new hand.

Research new tools, methodologies and ways of working.

Be Luke.

Think outside the box.

Tear this ship apart until you’ve found those plans!

Terraform a celestial body.

Only kidding, the HashiCorp variety would be nice though.

Foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Be Obi-Wan.

Work with our data science teams to devise new metrics.

Be Lando.

Showcase your technical background from Python to PostgreSQL to ElasticSearch.

Because someone really goofed with that Meridian trench and thermal exhaust port.

Provide insightful analysis and recommendations.

Leia popped a hologram in an R2 unit in 1977. You can do a Word doc or two in 2023.

Establish, champion and document best practice.

It’s not heroic, but do it right and they’ll love you. Like Chewie.

Translate big picture concepts into concrete features and solutions.

We won’t lie, this sounds like stuff C-3PO would do while everyone else is running round with lightsabers.

Manage confidential and proprietary information.

Cut off someone’s hand? Maybe wait a while before bragging you’re their Dad.

Be active in Python communities outside of work.

It’s not like you can be a scavenger or a farmhand, then suddenly save the galaxy… oh.

Bring something extra to the table. Be accomplished. Wow us!

Rey’s cool when she’s being badass. Then it turns out she’s down with the Force. Have strings to your bow.

Exhibit exemplary verbal and written communication coupled with analytical and technical skills. Little-known fact: Boba Fett maintained an erudite, helpful blog. At least until he fell in a pit.

Bright, confident, decisive, pragmatic, proactive, collaborative, personable.

Be Han.

It pays up to €95,000 + excellent benefits for outstanding candidates.

Yoda doesn’t get out of bed for anything less.


Send CV + covering letter. That’s right you don’t go fishing without a hook. May the force be with you.

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