We are Hiring!! Part-time Data Collection (Germany and Italy)

Appen Published: June 18, 2019
Berlin, Germany
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In this task, you will record conversations with your family/friend on 19 topics provided as if you are communicating in short voice or audio messages with each other on apps such as Messenger or WhatsApp. For each conversation, you can record up to 100 prompts between both participants. A total of 1,900 recordings if you complete all prompts for each of the topics.

The method of conversation will need to be turn by turn where you and the other participant do NOT talk over each other.

Upon successful completion of the task, participants will be paid an incentive as shown on the project tile. You will receive partial payments if not all prompts are completed.

  • Transcription is NOT required. You will only need to enter either 001 or 002 to let us know who recorded that particular audio.
  • This task will require 2 DIFFERENT participants. All data will go through quality check. Talking to oneself will NOT be accepted.

Please Note: This task is paid at task rate not hourly rate. The payment rate you see on the right is for full completion of the task.


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