Technical Co-founder, CTO, Web Designer

Wanted. Published: December 20, 2017
Barcelona, Spain
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Me, HR Director in a Barcelona-based Startup and my co-founder Stefano, ex-Google B2B sales in Dublin, will start a business at the end of January 2018.

For the past 3 months, we have been working on a new business model for the recruiting market. Today, we have a well-defined strategy, a business plan and a couple of investors interested in the project.

We believe that we can change our lives and other lives through this project, and we are convinced we can develop a very profitable business based on a completely new business model.

On the other hand, we are looking for the 3rd part of this equation, the technical co-founder who will be in charge of the web design and development area.

Do you wanna know what you will do?

- You will be in charge of design and development of the first MVP;

- You will take decisions about architecture, technologies, hosting and web design;

- You will be the main UX-UI strategist (at least in the beginning);

- You will choose the whole stack of technologies we will work with;

- You will be the head of the technical team.

We know this is a lot of stuff for just one person, but you know, you will be the first guy joining the ride, lots of people will come after you and you will be heading, managing and organizing the whole technical team.

Who you are:

- You have the co-founder spirit, able to work in an extremely uncertain environment, able to risk and to go all-in from the beginning;

- You have proven track record in developing successful web platforms;

- You are confident with at least two of the following technologies: PHP, Java, Javascript, AngularJS;

- You have a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Jquery;

- You have the potential to become a successful technical leader.

What we offer:

After the recruiting process, if we fall in love with you, and we are ready to spend a lot of time together, we can offer 2 different options:

- A project-based money reward to develop the MVP and after that a small equity package as technical co-founder;

- A consistent equity package as technical co-founder from the beginning (it means that we will suffer together and reach the success together).

In any case, you will be part of a very promising project, having the possibility to exponentially grow with it.

We are ready to drop everything to pursue success. Are you?

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