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    Casumo Published: December 23, 2016
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    Casumo is small and quick and we expect you to take on a wide spectra of tasks. Together we will work to realize our dreams and visions of how the world’s best gaming site should look and work. We are looking for developers who are driven and won’t say no to a challenge, we would rather have to hold you back than to push you forward. We are offering you the possibility to build something truly great, no legacy code and a great atmosphere in a growing company.

    • Someone who likes to work in a flat organisation
    • Someone who enjoys autonomy
    • Driven and motivated
    • A team player
    • Willing to work remotely or ideally be based out of our Malta or Barcelona offices

    • Is native in Java, but speaks and writes bash, SQL, Python, and Javascript. If you have any experience with Clojure, Scala, Erlang or Go it’s not impossible that you’ll get to practice that too.
    • Has an interest both for the big picture and for the small details, a key to work in our tightly knit team.
    • Likes freedom with responsibility and would feel comfortable in an environment of developer anarchy.
    • Has a desire to take full ownership of features and code, from inception of ideas to deployment, maintenance and keeping it running.
    • Is a nerd who eat, live and breathe code and has a true interest that reaches beyond any course or education.
    • Gets curious when we say CQRS/Event Sourcing, (D)DEDA and is open to a heterogeneous architecture.
    • Feel very comfortable in a Linux environment and working with tools like Git.
    • Would be stoked to build the world’s best gaming experience together with other Casumos from our headquarters in sunny Malta.
    • It’s a plus if you have in depth experience with transaction heavy, distributed systems, messaging, micro services and tools such as MySQL, RabbitMQ, Docker, Spring, Dropwizard, Erlang OTP or Akka.

    You can work from Malta, Barcelona, Gibraltar or remotely, as long as you are based in Europe.

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