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Ekho Published: September 18, 2017
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Senior Software Developer Job specification - Full Time Role


Dear Sir/Madam, this is a role for Senior Software developer for Ekho. Outlined below are the roles and responsibilities that the job will entail and the skills and concepts that are required to fulfill the position.


Ekho is a TCD Launchbox spinout based in Trinity College Dublin. We use BLE beacon technology to empower curators of museums, galleries and other tourist sites to create immersive multimedia experiences that engage visitors through navigation, narration and discovery of additional content. Furthermore, Ekho aggregates data on visitor behaviour enabling clients to optimise their visitor experience, marketing and education programs as well as reduce operating costs.

Ekho would suit potential interns with an interest in BLE beacon technology, IOS, Android and user interface design that want to work as part of a small dynamic start-up team.

Interns will be given a broad range of responsibility and will be exposed to many different aspects of working in a start-up.  Interns will have responsibility for delivery of a specific project for evaluation by the co-founders and customers as appropriate.  Good communications skills, both written and verbal are essential for this role.  Ekho are open to offering full time roles after the MSc year is completed.



The advertised position is for a Senior Software developer. As Senior developer you will be required to be a full stack developer. This will include but not be limited to maintaining the backend, it’s functionality on the AWS servers and maintaining the frontend, (both Android and iOS).


Fundamental requirements



  • Flask + PyMongo
  • Compression



  • Swift
  • Android



Full stack Developer

  • Python
    • SQL Alchemy
    • Flask
    • Django
  • Swift 3
    • Not XIB
  • Android
    • JSON
  • PyMongo
    • NoSQL


  • Other
    • FB SDK
    • iBeacon
    • Kontakt SDK


Concepts (Backend)


  • Threading - SQL Alchemy
  • Compression
  • NoSQL/SQL (Data Management)
  • REST - Talking to server
    • iOS: Alamofire
    • Android: Volley
  • Caching
  • Amazon S3


Apply for an Internship

Internships are paid and rates depend on skills and experience. All interviews will involve a coding skills test. Anyone interested in applying for internships please send a CV to  [email protected]

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