Senior Developer. Remember the opening sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark?

This job posting expired and applications are no longer accepted.
MONGOOSE GRAY Published: July 11, 2019
London, United Kingdom
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Indiana Jones is looking for stuff then suddenly he’s running from a bloody great big boulder. Final-act stuff in most movies, but Raiders began with a bang and ramped it up from there.

Well, that’s what this job is like, except it won’t end with your face melting or propellers slicing your head off (hopefully).

We’re a small, friendly and collaborative bunch. It’s your typical small office business really. A few rows of desks and laptops. No bean bags or table tennis tables. And we don't put sweets on reception.

What we do have is a great plan for zapping inefficiency and wastage in an old-school industry. It’s not glamorous. It’s not Biotech or Fintech. (We’ll think of a cool term right after we sort those sweets.) But it is leading-edge stuff in the business intelligence, analytics and market insight space. And if you have a strong sense of community so much the better.

We’re not looking for newbies. You’re a raw, hungry developer who wants to be trained and nurtured? Good luck – but sorry, see ya. We need a senior developer who can hit the ground running and deliver from day one.

You won’t find any prima donnas here. Our world is full of deadlines that must be met. Stop press is simply not an option. Stress levels inevitably rise as these deadlines approach so you’ll need to be comfortable working under pressure and adept at keeping those plates spinning.

Must-have exposure? heavy-lifting C# .NET, SQL Server, Angular, Typescript, Node.js, Javascript, Azure, IoT, Docker, Agile. For you, software isn’t a job, it’s a craft. You’ve got a GitHub repository. You’re involved in meetups, forums etc. You own a hat and a whip (optional).

Culture is as important to us as it is to you. If you thrive in client-facing environments, enjoy interacting with both technical and non-technical audiences and love nothing more than taking an idea from mere concept to actual implementation then you’ll fit right in.

We’re evolving, pivoting quickly, chucking out stuff that doesn’t work. We’re surrounded by coffee shops so we’ll be brainstorming in those.

And the £££ isn’t your usual startup peanuts. We are looking at up to £70,000 plus benefits.

Interested to know more? get that CV and covering letter to us. No covering letter, no good. And don’t look at the Ark!

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