Rethink. Reskill. Reboot. Why this Senior Data Engineer role is like ballet.

    MONGOOSE GRAY Published: October 15, 2020
    Oxford, United Kingdom
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    We are a fast-paced and nimble business intelligence, market insight and data analytics boutique.

    Adagio is not in our vocabulary.

    We help household-name companies build solutions, enabling them to gain valuable insights that drive their key business decisions.

    Our clients have grande (sic) plans, and so do we.

    We work across many different markets globally.

    The globally-renowned Paris Opera Ballet is more formally known as Salle Le Peletier.

    You are part engineer, part coder.

    Coda is a classical ballet term that refers to the finale of a group of dancers.

    You have a thirst for knowledge. Confident, with excellent communication skills and a collaborative attitude.

    Attitude in classical ballet is a position where the dancer is standing on one leg with the other one lifted.

    Your goto language is Python with Pandas and NumPy playing a supporting role.

    Ballet flats come in a variety of designs and prints including snake.

    You have excellent database optimisation and query writing skills. SQL|NoSQL|PostgreSQL|MySQL|YourSQL|AnySQL.

    Have you ever queried what ballerinas eat for breakfast?

    You are familiar with Agile/Scrum/Kanban principles.

    Ballerinas are pretty agile.

    Work to support our data science team, providing infrastructure and tools that will deliver end-to-end solutions.

    While doing barre exercises, a dancer will stand and hold on to the barre for additional support.

    Handle raw data. Lots of it. Innovate new processes for data modelling and data mining.

    Raw was released as a single by Spandau Ballet in 1988.

    Maintain our data pipelines. Choreograph the delivery of data in batch and realtime modes.

    Paul Taylor was considered by many to be the greatest living ballet choreographer until his death in 2018.

    Manage complex analytical projects with a focus on data collection, analysis, enrichment, abstraction and visualisation.

    An abstract ballet is a ballet without a plot.

    You will build high-performance, scalable, extensible infrastructure.

    Extension is a classical ballet term describing a dancer’s ability to raise and hold a leg extended in the air.

    Research, innovate, champion new tools and ways of working. In short, you will have a voice.

    A strong voice is essential in ballet. Or is that opera?

    Present your findings. Sleep easy we will provide you with a clicker... #nextslideplease

    Échappé is a ballet movement where the dancer slides both feet out equally into the second or fourth position.

    You will be expected to dance your way around the Unix ecosystem.

    Windows is good, Unix is better. Bravo!

    You won’t be expected to use Tableau.

    A tableau is a large picture on stage that is formed from an artistic grouping or formation.

    Map out our journey from on-premise to the Cloud. Research AWS, Azure, GCP et al. Get your fingers ready. Tap tap tap….

    A finger turn describes a step whereby the ballerina is turning while being partnered by a ballerino.

    We work hard but we also have fun. We'll actively encourage you to take time out and recharge your batteries.

    Batterie is a classical ballet term that is used to describe all steps with beats as a group.  

    Salary, bonus and benefits. The numbers are fully negotiable. Tell us your ballpark and let’s discuss over a frappé. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

    Put it this way the numbers are enough for Fatima in the security team to get out of bed for. Incidentally a frappé is a step almost always done at the barre as an exercise to improve quick and precise movement of the feet.


    Please share your CV and a covering letter. Tell us something about you that will have us doing pirouettes in our sleep.

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