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Ironhack Published: July 11, 2018
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# About the gig

We’re looking for a Lead Developer that will join our Tech team and build great technology that will allow us to deliver unique blended learning experiences (online + offline). In our journey we’re looking to build our own learning platform that delivers a high quality educational experience, measures learning outcomes reliably and allows for rapid iteration of our content and curriculum.


The Lead Developer will be responsible for:

  • Contribute to establishing the company’s technical vision and leading all aspects of the company’s technological development
  • Building our learning platform and any other technology necessary to support our mission and business objectives
  • Working with our main stakeholders and the leadership team to continually improve students’ learning experience
  • Build, mentor, and manage junior developers from the team


# Is it You?

The candidate should be able to thrive in the sometimes chaotic early stage startup environment and enjoy having tons of autonomy with no bureaucratic BS and feel comfortable with the following skills:

  • 7+ years of experience in software development teams. New tools are great, but fundamentals of data structures, design patterns, and programming practices are what deliver projects.
  • JavaScript (ES6/ES7). Good understanding of efficient and clean algorithms. You feel comfortable writing large-scale JavaScript applications, structuring your code in npm modules, using async/await, etc
  • Node. Good understanding with how node works, nvm, npm, expressJS, hapiJS...
  • PostgreSQL / MongoDB. We use both SQL and NoSQL Databases, so we expect that you have practical knowledge on how to manage databases, creating data models, perform optimised queries, basic understanding of clustering
  • React. We work with React applications. You should have some projects under your belt dealing with front-end frameworks.
  • APIs. We integrate with external API services (pipedrive, meetup, twitter, etc). Also we provide our own APIs for the internal tools with a GraphQL. You love it? Keep reading!!

Other things that we are looking for in this role, not strictly necessary but will make you stand out:

  • Know a Second Programming Language. Python? Java? Ruby? C++?
  • Cloud Management. You should understand how to do DevOps: deploy to the cloud (both Heroku and AWS EC2 environments). You should be familiar with reading logs, debugging common problems in infrastructure, managing DNS, Auto-Scale, CI/CD setup, etc
  • Dev Ops. Familiar with deployments, continuous integration, etc. More than welcome! 🙂
  • Data Science. We appreciate hunger for knowledge. We collect a lots of information at ironhack about how students learn and having a good understanding on how data pipelines work, scikit, use business intelligence tools to extract useful information (tableau, etc)

# Perks

  • Be part of an Amazing Team. We embrace a constant learning, can-do attitude and 100% positivism!!
  • Yearly company off-site
  • Flexible work environment
  • Tons of awesome events with our students and community of instructors
  • Yearly education budget for any software, books, courses...
  • Ironbeers almost every friday!

#About Ironhack

Ironhack is an education startup that was founded to change the way we learn about technology. We offer immersive learning experiences to extremely motivated students who want to change career directions or turbocharge their current professional trajectory.

We love the energy of in-person instruction, but also investing heavily in technology to enhance the classroom experience. So far:

  • Started operations in the fall of 2013
  • Located in Madrid, Barcelona, Miami, Paris, Mexico City, Berlin, Amsterdam and São Paulo
  • 100% YOY Growth and accelerating!
  • Already graduated over 1500+ students
  • +60 team members

But we’re really just getting started. Don’t work for another e-commerce site that sells bla,bla,bla or another uber for something. Come join us make a difference in people’s life!

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