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87Labs Smart Flight BV Published: July 20, 2020
Utrecht, Netherlands
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87Labs is a Smart Flight parent company, founded in 2017 in Brazil and has branches in the US and the Netherlands. 87Labs is a software development consultancy. Together with the consultancy part of the business, 87Labs is developing several new SAAS model businesses to become a spin-off. Smart Flight is the first spin-off startup from 87Labs.
Smart Flight is a middleware system integrated into airline management systems and their customer's digitals point of contact (website/apps/mobile site/totems). SF allows Airlines to manage the disruption process automatically when a flight is delayed or canceled.
Passengers are entitled to receive benefits under a disruption situation. Worldwide there regulations that say what Airlines must provide when disruption happens. Smart Flight manages 3 of these benefits: food vouchers management, hotel per night management, and transportation management.
For example, you are flying to Brazil, and you have your flight canceled in less than 24 hours of the departure time. Airlines must provide you meals, a hotel for you to stay until your next flight departure, and transportation to this hotel and back to the airport. These days, Airlines handles the disruption as an exception process, putting in place only when it happens. Therefore, the operational costs are high, friction, chaos, and huge queues happening and customer satisfaction down the toilet.
Our systems enable Airlines to handle it electronically and allow airlines to provide a self-service solution to their passengers.
Acceleration Program:
The program's name is Travel Impact Labs. It is a co-vesting from Transavia, Riksja, and ANWB. The acceleration's main objective is to help early-stage startups to validate this business proposition and give peer-to-peer insights to pivot the BP as fast as possible.
There are four other companies are serving the Travel industry. All of us hit hard by the Pandemic. It starts on 31/08/2020 and ends on 20/11/2020 when we pitch to a bach of investors from the Travel industry.
Internship: The program demands a physical presence at their office in Utrecht. We are looking for smart, eager to learn, committed person to share this acceleration experience. This person will work as a pair coworker with the founder in the Netherlands. Activities are: Participate in mentoring sessions, network with prospects and investors, validate the business model, help to develop the go-to-market strategy, and create the winning investor's pitch.
It is a full, hands-on emersion in a brand new startup environment. The intern will face the challenges tech startups face and will help overcome them. On the other hand, the program will provide a real opportunity to network, mentoring from all kinds of professionals, and tools.

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