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Anyfin Published: August 31, 2017
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Anyfin is a young startup in Sweden making it super easy to save money on private loans, putting a stop to overpriced financial products and capturing generations left cold by traditional banks. Contrary to most financial companies we don't consider tech a liability, but an integral part of our identity and strength.

Job Description

We're looking for a great full stack developer to take up the challenge and join our ambitious little team to reshape the industry and grow with us. We’re building most from the ground up, so the promise of impact is real!

You'll be working on a variety of components, from processing systems and communication gateways to our customer facing web-app. That means not only hands on coding, but also actively contributing to the system architecture and product design - an open and curious mind is key.

We’re building the foundations of something truly big, so it’s extra important you write clean and readable code. Given that we’re heavily leaning on Node.js and React it’s crucial to have solid knowledge of Javascript. Other relevant technologies include Python, SQL and GraphQL. You’re expected to touch a number of services, so the more ground is covered the better, but specialisation over time is definitely possible.

We’re primarily looking for senior candidates from diverse backgrounds. Web development is evolving rapidly and it can be tough to navigate through the ecosystem, so relevant work experience is highly valued, but character and startup culture fit trumps knowledge.

To wrap things up just a couple more keywords in no particular order that are no requirements, but might peak your interest (they’re certainly on our mind):
- GraphQL
- Optical Character Recognition
- Conversational AI
- Data Science & Machine Learning
- Data Visualization & d3.js
- System security and authentication strategies
- Elastic deployment

Don’t be shy and get in touch! We’d love to have a look at anything you might have coded up in your spare time or just have a friendly chat.