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WALKOLUTION Published: June 24, 2019
Munich, Germany
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About You

You are entrepreneurially experienced and have already accompanied one or more Startup / ScaleUp companies through several phases as a member of the core team in addition to company experienes, wearing multiple hats in Marketing, Sales, Fundraising, Business Developement, Product Design and more.


You are bursting with energy, you can really solve fundamental problems alone and in a team, you have no problem working in areas where you have little or no previous experience, you are aware that tasks and objectives can often change from day to day, you can wear several hats at the same time, you are hungry to learn new things and become better every day in a diverse team that you shape, help to build and enrich.


Our Offer

You can leave your dent in the universe and truly change the world and impact the life of millions of people and future generations positively.

You will learn more relevant facts about the human body, health and longevity as in Medical School.

You will work in the epicenter of a healthy workplace.

You will be rewarded by vested equity and receive a competitive salary but you are in it for the impact and the mission of our venture.


About Us

Walkolution is a successful German impact startup based in Munich. We deal with the problem of a sedentary lifestyle and the problem of extensive sitting at the workplace with a unique product, that is already in use at major companies throughout the world. Our core product is a noiseless, intuitive-use walking treadmill (international patents pending) for professional office use where the user can simultaneously walk slowly while working as usual or hold walking meetings. We have our own production facilities in Germany and attach great importance to the use of sustainable raw materials.

Walkolution was founded in 2017 by two co-founders. A senior medical doctor, and the founder of one of Germany's leading interior design manufacturing companies.

The strong and international interest of the market in our product since its introduction in January 2019, as well as inbound promotion of associations, insurance companies and opinion leaders in the corporate health field give us a strong tailwind and confirms the company's direction.

We are looking for entrepreneurial-minded people who want to play a leading role in the revolution in the office as our first full-time hires. For this we are looking for characters with outstanding passion, a visionary and knowledge-thirsty attitude, as well as a far above-average creative potential.

This is an opportunity to change the working and educational landscape of today from the ground up and make an extremely positive impact on the lives and health of potentially millions of people.

To achieve this goal, we are creating a diversified and world class team and work environment based in Munich, in the midst of one of the fastest growing startup ecosystems in the world.

We work very hard, but our work culture is also characterized by the fact that the latest medical and neuroscientific findings on healthy living and working are incorporated and taken into account in our own everyday work. This means, for example, that healthy nutrition and sufficient free space for meditation, exercise, sport, nature and optimised sleep are not only promoted, but their implementation is a prerequisite for successful work at Walkolution. We develop, produce and sell the "healthiest workplace in the world" - and start with ourselves.

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3 min company pitch of CEO Dr. Eric Soehngen


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