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NESTO Published: September 18, 2017
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NESTO is a platform that uses IoT connected scale and predictive analytics to dramatically reduce distribution costs for bottled gas logistics. By improving the end-user experience (cold shower are things from the past!), brands can increase market share, improve customer satisfaction and know them better. The predictive algorithm, associated to the fact that each NESTO scale is precisely geo-located, will allow to cut up to 60% of the distribution cost.

The Mission

Decide and build the foundations for a reliable IoT infrastructure both for front-end (web and mobile) and back-end (cloud based).


NESTO is likely to experience exponential growth in a short period of time (next 6 months). You will insure that the cloud infrastructure is well chosen and monitored correctly.

NESTO is a hardware-enabled software as a service. The back-end will receive the IoT status of every device and store it into a database. Another application will deal with both manual and automated orders (the one triggered by the hardware).

A two-sided mobile application will allow notifications and ordering new LPG bottles (for the end-user) and manage the route optimization and delivery mechanism.

An API will allow data exchange with the ERP from our clients (usually SAP) back and forth. Maps and route management are dealt with integration of third-party in a first approach but a predictive algorithm has to be put in place.


  • Cloud architecture (Amazon, Azure, Google and any other);
  • SQL / NoSQL;
  • Docker, Kubernetes, etc…;
  • CSS, HTML & Java Script (with Framework like Vue, React or other);
  • Hybrid Mobile app;
  • Node JS;

Nice to have

  • Agile Methodology / SCRUM master;
  • Jira, Confluence;
  • Experience in using TDD;
  • Wire-framing;
  • Experience with IoT and hardware related electronics

Cultural Fit

You’re a disruptor, proud and ready to challenge the status-quo, not for the sake of it but because you really think you have a better, leaner and practical alternative.

You’ll help NESTO’s team achieving exactly that… You’re not afraid, organized and know how to make things happen.

  • You know how start-ups works;
  • You can convince the rest of the team with your technical choices;
  • You are both an A-player and a team person (we need no hero);
  • You are fact-driven and result oriented;
  • Remember, it’s not so much about the technical skills (you’re smart, you’ll figure it out) than it is about the attitude.

You want to make a difference and be trusted by the options you’re taking, build something relevant that matters for millions of people (Sorry, no bullshit social network app here…).

You’ll have the opportunity to stay true to your core values (by the way be sure they’re aligned with ours) and help build the team that will make it happen.

  • You’re in the driver seat for establishing the IT infrastructure of the company, picking-up your team members and choose the direction development needs to follow (database, development toolchain, partners, etc…);
  • No legacy, no outdated technology, no pre-established framework… A blank slate (not for the faint of heart, but also a dream if you’re of the creative type). Did you found the legacy and technical debt boring… Complain no more: you will be in the driver seat;
  • You’re not afraid of challenges and use your geekiness to do the work for you (it means you’re lazy up to the point of working your ass off to find THE better way to do things the efficient way);
  • You don’t mind crossing the chasm between hardware and software (you actually like it), nor between front-end and back-end. You’ve got your feet wet with mobile as well;
  • If social interaction isn’t really your thing… It doesn’t matter, it’s not a requirement. We’ll learn what’s make you tick and try to build extra-work activity around it (that may or may not implies 3D printing drone, sushi degustation while base-jumping or hand forging your standing desk in Damascus steel). We’ll figure it out…
  • You’re committed and consistent because Denzel Washington said so: "Without commitment, you will never start. Without consistency, you will never finish".
  • … but you’re curious and eager to learn new stuff and do amazing things, applying your newly acquired talents on-the-job.
  • You’re also curious about what’s behind the curtains. You never ran a company before? Learn it from the trenches… This is an invaluable experience that you can always leverage later.

What’s for you?

  • A significant share of the company according to your profile and experience (up to 10-15%);
  • An above market salary as soon as NESTO get some funding (likely to happen before 2018). It means you’re able to hold your breath for the next 2/3 months;
  • Having the satisfaction to start (almost) from scratch and build something that significant for others;
  • Be part of and make NESTO’s company culture a reality. You will have to recruit your next colleagues;
  • A short stage in a foreign country for acceleration (We’re currently in the radar of Techstars Austin, Startup Bootcamp IoT London , Bind 4.0 in the Basque country or Brinc.io in China). It’s a short phase, we’ll be back in Portugal after that, that’s for sure… (I have a family too!);