Cloud (AWS) Engineer

Casumo Published: September 6, 2018
Barcelona, Spain
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We’re looking for a razor-sharp Senior Cloud Engineer / DevOps, who will architect, evaluate and bring to life solutions to support the amazing experience players have come to expect when playing our games all across the globe

What you will do

  • Work closely with development teams to build the best iGaming products in the universe.
  • Manage automation processes, from provisioning and inception through to day-to-day operations.
  • Ensure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of data, database systems and all supporting services in the platform.
  • Evaluate and implement solutions to improve the system efficiency, performance and availability.
  • Focus on providing cloud-based systems and tools which meet the needs of an agile organization.

We are looking for someone who

  • Has real-world experience with scalable, resilient and performing systems running on AWS and is confident building systems that fully leverage. cloud-based services.
  • Has a solid grasp of networking and security in virtual data centre environments.
  • Considers any form of downtime a tragedy, and makes sure that all systems are up, all the time.
  • Endorses a DevOps mindset to get stuff done.
  • Experiments, keeps an eye out on emerging tools and technologies, in the ever-evolving digital world and tries them out.
  • Speaks bash/python as a second language, and takes pride in being a Linux guru.
  • Automates anything that needs to be done more than once and is familiar with defining complex setups in code with Cloudformation/Terraform.
  • Has an obsession with keeping up-to-date documentation.
  • Is driven, action oriented, enthusiastic, capable of solving complex technical problems in a 24x7 environment.
  • Has a true and nerdy passion for application and infrastructure design & love to work with a full open source infrastructure.

Plus points for having a solid understanding of any of the following:

  • Web servers, load balancers, CDNs
  • Monitoring and graphing technologies
  • Log aggregation (such as ELK stack or Cloudwatch)
  • SaltStack or other configuration management tools
  • Git-based version control
  • Docker and container orchestration
  • Vagrant
  • Build DevOps Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Pipelines using Jenkins (CI/CD)

DevOps at Casumo

Our mission is to deliver highly available, performant, scalable and self healing stacks using CI/CD pipelines so that our services run with zero downtime. Our mindset is to deliver the best technology stacks needed by the business.

We pride ourselves toon never stop improving. We research, evaluate, implement, iterate. We thrive on continuously making things better.

Casumo’s tech facts:

  • We make real impact by proactively delivering top-notch systems and tooling.
  • We explore, experiment and grow together in a small, highly-skilled, energetic and passionate team.
  • We are passionate about automation, monitoring, and scalable systems.
  • We take pride and accountability in the systems we create and maintain.

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