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Mediolana Published: September 7, 2020
London, United Kingdom
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A. About Us

Mediolana® is an educational products company based in Kensington, London. We are the publisher of Higher Grades Faster!®, the world’s best academic success and productivity course – a brand new, luxury, physical product (DVD+Book set) designed by a double Newton Scholarship-winner from the University of Cambridge.

Higher Grades Faster!® is recommended by educators and designers worldwide, and distributed by our global logistics partner DHL.

B. About the Role

We are presently recruiting an elite team of high-performance business development executives to sell Higher Grades Faster!® and its associated products to well-defined B2C and B2B target markets here in the United Kingdom. You will be an integral part of this team, working closely with and reporting directly to the company's Chief Strategic Officer ('CSO').

1. Please note that this is a full-time, commission-only role with a high and realistic projected OTE of £30,225-£82,250.
2. There are significant performance-related bonuses given for meeting certain KPIs.
3. Your employment status will be self-employed.
4. Full product training will be provided.
5. This is an outstanding opportunity for people who value exceptional personal and professional development.

C. Detailed Role Description

1. Full sales cycle design and implementation. You will take ownership of the full sales cycle, including but not limited to the following functions: (i) identifying prospects; (ii) generating leads; (iii) qualifying leads; (iv) negotiating and (v) closing deals.
2. Social selling. You will obtain audiences with and explain our company's unique selling propositions ('USPs'), unique value propositions ('UVPs') and unique experience propositions ('UEPs') to prospective B2B and B2C customers.
3. Presenting. Creating, arranging and hosting webinars (and, in the future, seminars) to deliver value to target audiences and drive sales will be a vital part of your working day.
4. Communication. You'll be confident in deploying the full range of communicational channels – including LinkedIn and other social media platforms, telephone and email – to rack up sales.
5. Administration. Completing associated administrative and document-preparation tasks – including in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word – is an essential part of your systematic sales approach that gets remarkable results.
6. Key performance indicators. Ensuring that key performance indicators ('KPIs') specified by senior management are consistently met is your core responsibility – attaining these KPIs is critical to your success.
7. Reporting. Working with and reporting to the company's CFO will be required of you on a regular basis.

D. Required Skills

•Candidates for this position must have the following technical skills:

➠Sales + Marketing

1. Full and demonstrable end-to-end pipeline building and management capabilities.
2. Excellent prospecting and lead generation development skills, particularly via intelligent, focused Internet research and empathetic outbound telephone calls.
3. Exceptional interpersonal skills, including negotiation and explanation.
4. Superlative communication and presentation skills, particularly in the context of webinars and written communication.
5. Creativity and innovation to both drive sales and improve selling and other business processes within the organisation.


1. Excellent proficiency in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and other Office applications.
2. Outstanding understanding of LinkedIn and ability to skilfully and creatively deploy it in combination with other channels (telephone, other social media platforms) in social and professional selling contexts (B2C and B2B).
3. Superb proficiency with CRM systems such as HubSpot.
4. Very good proficiency with popular email clients (Gmail, Outlook, Mail, etc.).
5. Requisite expertise with popular webinar software (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype).

•Preference may be given to candidates with the following additional technical skills:

1. Excellent proficiency in at least one language in addition to English.
2. Demonstrable mathematical proficiency.
3. Excellent proficiency in SPSS Statistics.

E. Professional Attributes

•Candidates for this position must possess the following professional attributes:

1. Accurate, systematic and rapid workflow execution, particularly in the context of full sales-cycle management.
2. Excellent presentational and communicational skills, especially in the context of webinars.
3. Empathetic, respectful, confident and effective telephone manner for addressing high-net-worth-individuals ('HNWIs' – specifically, parents and grandparents), educators, and educational administrators.
4. First-class written and spoken English.
5. Exceptional levels of creativity and problem-solving, not least in a commercial context.
6. Ultra-professional, presentable appearance.
7. The ability to maintain high performance levels under significant stress and tight deadlines.
8. Business acumen.
9. Technical acumen.
10. Superlative interpersonal skills.

•Preference may be given to candidates with the following additional professional attributes:

1. Previous experience of working in a high-pressure sales environment.
2. A genuine, evident interest in education and educational processes.
3. A sincere interest in reading books.
4. A strong and demonstrable interest in self-development/personal development.

F. Personal Attributes

•Candidates for this position are required to be:

1. Entrepreneurial. You must be at peace with the high-risk, high-rewards dynamic of entrepreneurial life.
2. Conscientious. Our corporate values require that you possess business, emotional and moral integrity.
3. Results-orientated. This is a position in which the numbers matter.
4. Capable. This job involves a steep learning curve and a lot of early responsibility.
5. Professional. You will be dealing with serious, professional people on both corporate and client fronts.
6. Outgoing. Outstanding interpersonal skills are a core part of this position.
7. Self-motivated. Persistence, focus and drive need to be in your DNA.
8. Analytical. The ability to intelligently analyse verbal and numerical data is essential.
9. Perceptive. Seeing where things are going well – and not-so-well – and then optimising processes based on these observations is a required skill.
10. Organised. You must have outstanding levels of personal organisation and time management, and be methodical, systematic and focused in your work.
11. Productive. You need to be able to make the most of your working day.
12. Altruistic. Caring about other people and the world around you comes with this job's territory.
13. Globally-aligned. Mediolana® is a profoundly global company in outlook; we are expanding internationally, and your work with us may at some stage involve liaising with colleagues and clients in other territories.
14. Locally-aware. You will be assigned municipalities and/or regions and/or industries within the UK, and will need to quickly develop an awareness of the specific needs of the educational institutions and/or parents in these entities.
15. Compelling. Creating and making persuasive, memorable presentations will be a significant part of your work with us.
16. Quality-conscious. You need to be able to appreciate quality products and services and how they add value to people's lives.
17. Health-conscious. We want you to value your physical and psychological well-being.
18. Patient. Taking the time to understand exactly what it is you are selling and why these products are so helpful to their target audiences is essential to maximising your revenues.
19. Diplomatic. You will be representing our brand, and accordingly must deal with people in a polite, sensitive, tactful and classy manner.
20. Problem-solving. Problems – whether technological, administrative or process-related – do happen; the ability to solve and indeed anticipate these autonomously is compulsory.

G. Required Candidate Qualifications

•Candidates for this position must possess at least one of:

1. A university degree (2:1 or higher) in one of the following disciplines:

  • International Business
  • Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Management

•Candidates with degrees in related fields will also be considered.

2. Prior experience in selling educational products to parents, educational institutions and students.

H. What Mediolana® Can Offer You

➠Contemporary Working Environment

1. Location-flexible work. This role consists of approximately 90-95% remote work, with in-person attendance required in Central London typically once every two to four weeks.
2. Meaningful work. Our products are designed to dramatically improve the lives and future prospects of students in the 14-21 age group – you'll be directly empowering people at the most crucial and formative stage of their lives.
3. Unrivalled self-development. We give full product training to our business development executives, including taking the Higher Grades Faster!® course itself – you cannot help becoming more productive and effective by working with us.

➠Generous Remuneration

1. High and uncapped commissions. The OTE of £30,250-£82,500 is made possible in part by our commission structure – we generously reward you for results.
2. Performance-related bonuses. Bonuses of 25-100% are given as standard for meeting certain KPIs.
3. B2C and B2B applicability. Because Higher Grades Faster!® can be sold via B2C channels in addition to B2B channels, you can sell across sales cycles of shorter lengths – and earn commissions more quickly.

➠Compelling Products

1. Higher Grades Faster!® and its associated products address genuine and acutely-felt pain points which parents, students and schools are demonstrably desperate to solve.
2. An enormous amount of marketing has been built into the Higher Grades Faster!® course, including stellar authority credentials; registered trademarks; and international fashion model presenters who feature in the editorial and/or publicity materials of some of the world's most prestigious brands, including Coca-Cola®, Adidas® and Marie Claire®.
3. Higher Grades Faster!® is recommended by a prestigious global roster of educators and designers.

➠Career Development

1. Financial rewards. Successful business development executives can expect to see their basic commission rise significantly over time.
2. International work. Similar work in other territories may become available if you are particularly successful and ambitious.
3. Management potential. Top performers may be considered for management roles in the future.

➠Our Values

1. 'Three wins' ethos. We have been given an average rating of 5.0 (the maximum possible rating) by our partners on Upwork.
2. Ecological sensitivity. We have used 100% renewable energy since our inception, and our global logistics partner DHL uses climate-neutral shipping.
3. CSR-centric. Corporate Social Responsibility is in the very essence of our products.

I. Application Process

1. To be considered for this position, we require your up-to-date CV/Resumé and a covering letter.
2. In addition to the usual contact information, your CV should include your LinkedIn profile URL.
3. In the covering letter, briefly (≤100 words) describe a sales process you would use for selling Higher Grades Faster!® to B2C audiences.
4. Please send your up-to-date CV/Resumé and the covering letter to our London HR Department using the reference HGF/UK/FT/EU-STARTUPS/03092020/CSO.
5. Applications sent via agencies will not be considered for this position.

J. Application Timeline

1. The application submission process ends on 21st September 2020 at 2300 BST.
2. The first round of interviews is scheduled to follow the end of the applications submissions process. These will take place remotely.
3. A second round of interviews should take place in person at a Central London location, COVID-19 government regulations permitting.
4. We may request that you complete a short trial with us (10-14 days). During this trial, you will be paid at our basic commission rate.
5. The successful candidate(s) is/are scheduled to start working with us in October 2020.

Please note that while we'll aim to inform all candidates of their application status within two weeks of receiving their requested documents, the volume of applications we receive may preclude this. Your patience and kind understanding in this context is enormously appreciated.

Thank you very much indeed for taking the time to read this job posting, and we greatly look forward to hearing from you in due course!

K. Legal Notice

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