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MyNeo Published: February 21, 2019
Gent, Belgium
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Are you passionate about actively helping in implementing new personalized cancer treatments, alongside accomplished biotech experts? Are you looking for an ambitious new project to test and grow your knowledge?

*Who are we?
MyNeo is a Belgian bio-tech company in Ghent, focused on identifying, exploring and validating personalized cancer treatments. The developed bioinformatics platform is continuously being optimized, with results from our own trials and other published papers. At the core of this platform is an immunotherapeutic pathway, offering an alternative to the general chemo-/radiotherapy commonly used. This implemented pathway involves the search of tumour-specific mutations in the patients’ blood and tumour sample, that are then used for stimulating the patient’s T-cells in recognizing the tumour cells. The hands-on approach of a young start-up company is omnipresent, and every employee is directly involved in substantial decision making. The company’s office is in a skybox in the Ghelamco arena (Ghent), where we work with dozens of other like-minded start-ups in a relaxed atmosphere. Working remotely for a few days a week presents no issues.
*Who are you?
We are looking for a full-time bio-informatician to join our team. Having both an informatics background (handling sequence data, read alignment, variant calling) and a biological background (cancer metabolism, tumor genomics, innate immune responses) is required. A strong interest in cancer research and in the future directions in which personalized therapeutics is going to evolve is highly recommended. You’ll need an easy-going personality, capable of independently reading and interpreting new research articles, critically assessing the implications, and converting them into new pathway functionality.
*This job could be the one you’re looking for if you would describe yourself as follows:
 You’re not good at sitting still
 You’re allergic to inefficiencies
 You’re looking for fast-paced missions in the biotech industry
 You’re eager to offer patients a treatment based on their own genome
 You don’t need Google when someone asks you to code “Hello World”
 You can explain the general principle behind a mapping algorithm without buzzwords
 Your personal motto is “learning by doing”
 You want to be more than a number in a faceless organization
 You can handle responsibilities and stressful situations even without your full 10-h sleep cycle
 Your master degree dates between 2008 and 2018
*For all this, you will be rewarded with:
 A competitive salary pay-out
 Flexible working hours and working location
 Generous benefits package
 Responsibilities from day 1
 Daily opportunities to expand and prove your knowledge
 Active involvement in discussions with highly experienced academics, doctors, and industrialists.
*How you land this gig
Are we everything you’re looking for and vice versa? Send us an email convincing our team that you’ve got the right stuff! If we agree, you’ll be asked over for an interview, some brainy tests, and a meet and greet with one of our investors. Impress them and you’re in! See you soon, future colleague!

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