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Xtendr is a privacy-preserving multiparty data collector technology
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To make progress in the Age of Big Data, it is inevitable for organizations to share data with each other, but they also must protect confidential information at the same time. However, there is always a compromise between security and information. According to Erich Andersen, Vice President at Microsoft, sharing addresses society’s biggest challenges, but the tools are immature or non-existent.

Xtendr offers a new type of privacy-preserving multiparty data collector technology for organizations so that they can create data-sharing partnerships. Organizations together can run analyses on the shared encrypted dataset while it is impossible for them – or for anyone at all – to see each others’ original raw sensitive data.

Xtendr cryptography solves the paradox prevalent today: Customers have less trust in brands and are concerned about privacy, but expect to be recognized and want their experiences personalized. Powerful customer insight does not come from just one source: organizations must reach beyond their own data to make a step forward – but they must respect privacy to remain trustworthy.

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privacy-preserving, cryptography, multiparty, data collection, data sharing
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