XRious is an AI-powered B2B Marketplace for XR (AR/VR) solutions to help companies easily adopt emerging technologies and find the best use-case fitting their needs.
For companies who want to innovate and adopt emerging technologies but don’t know which use-case to implement, XRious is an AI-powered online marketplace service that matches companies instantly with the best XR use-case benchmarked with machine-learning and best serving their needs. Unlike traditional innovation consultancies or business information platforms, XRious is faster, more cost-effective, specialized in XR and delivers a higher success rate.
XRious is a B2B marketplace satisfying buyers and sellers, therefore:
1) Sellers – XR providers, who offer AR/VR products and services, pay a monthly fee to list their solutions on the XRious platform (pay-per-use case with 100% satisfaction guarantee).
2) Buyers – Companies searching AR/VR solutions, need to pay a subscription fee for unlimited access to detailed information on use-cases and matchmaking or encounter paywalls.
AI, B2B, marketplace, AR, VR
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