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Business Description
We help ecommerce businesses. We use your data to create prioritised lists of marketing actions.

A beautiful blend of data geeks & marketers who get digital.

We help digital businesses grow. We use your data to understand where you have opportunities and focus on the things which are going to have a revenue impact.

We offer Digital business growth advice. We focus on helping you understand what marketing actions you need to take, using simple, acronym free language, in a way you can take action.

Our goal is to accelerate digital and Ecommerce businesses understand where to focus to deliver growth.

We do this by helping digital businesses, looking to growth by unearthing information they have in their data. Then review, prioritise and action the findings.
Long Business Description

Customer problem:
Businesses who are struggling to understand where they need to invest their money and effort. With the explosion of digital data, there is more and more data and more and more confusion.

Knowing if you're on track to deliver against your strategy is key through the use of data.

Cutting through the noise and knowing what to do next can be overwhelming, yet the answers lie in the data. More analysts, more software is not the answer.

Why is this different?
We use your data to create an unbiased opinion of what you need to do next. We are marketers who understand data. The recommendations you get are curated and are NOT reports or charts. But simple marketing actions. No jargon or acronyms, just straightforward actions which you can get on with.

Product and services:

Wearecrank extracts digital data from Google Analytics. We process this information and using our own software algorithms and determine where there is opportunity.

We assign a revenue value to each action which needs to be taken, and then translate these actions into a simple to do list. This list is focused around growth, but grounded in simple and easy to understand marketing actions.

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marketing, digital, digital marketing, analytics
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