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Business Description
Vivatum leads the way in patient support, facilitating the therapy steps and improve their safety, support and improve the therapy adherence and outcome and adds to the patient’s wellbeing by handling the burden of his/her chronic disease.

From Manual to Digital = Modernising Dialysis
Long Business Description

The Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) therapy, established for over 40y, needed modernising to make life on dialysis safer, simpler & better for patients & their dialysis therapy team.

We bring the financially viable, digitally supported CAPD dialysis solution to the patient’s home. The Nephrologist & Nurses move closer to their patients and monitor/support their patients remotely.

Vivatum combines Hard-/Software
-) Remote Patient Care & Therapy Analytics Software (monitoring/analysis)
-) Medical Device (automated CAPD dialysis device) simplifying the home-based therapy processes.

Providing the digitally supported Hard-& Software and reduce the manual therapy steps in order to achieve patient safety and positive therapy outcomes. Allowing the Nephrologist/Nurses to reach out to their patients guiding them throughout the personalised home-based Kidney Replacement Therapy and live threatening therapy complications are detected early, allowing adequate clinical/medical intervention.

Based in
Eschenbach SG / Switzerland
Patient Care Management, Remote Patient Care, Home Therapy Security, Therapy Analytics, Therapy Alert Support, Patient Home Care Safety, Patient Wellbeing,Patient Quality of Life, Patient Social Integration, Patient Stress Relive
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