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At vilisto we have the vision to make saving energy as simple as possible for everyone. Too much energy is unnecessarily being wasted for heating purposes, partially without the user being able to do anything about it. We want to change this with the latest technologies in science.
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Ovis is the worldwide first, completely self-learning thermostat for an automated control of your radiators, which neither needs a calendar programming nor an App.

As the only radiator thermostat ovis has integrated presence sensors which automatically recognizes when you use your room and when you don’t. With this information, your radiators will be controlled demand-based and energy efficient.

Ovis learns your habits and makes sure you get a constant comfortable climate at home. Every time you don’t use one room, ovis reduces the temperature in an energy efficient manner. You don’t have to do anything for that and save significant energy and money compared to your conventional radiator thermostats in a way that with a saving of up to 350€ per year the system amortized after only 2 years.

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Smart Home, Smart Heating, IoT, Control systems, Vilisto, Hamburg

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