Business Name:
Business Description:
Improved quality control for plastic recycling. Veridis Instruments is an ambitious startup that wants to make the world a better place by tackling climate change and environmental pollution. The company was founded in 2020 by an enthusiastic team of young physicists with the ambition to develop new high-impact technologies that create a better future for humanity.

Veridis Instruments is based on the ideal of positive impact through science and technology. Our founding team has been motivated to make the world more sustainable even before we started the company. Recognizing that plastic recycling is incredibly complex and challenging, they decided to combine their physics, engineering and business knowledge to develop novel tools to improve the process.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Veridis is dedicated to the United Nations sustainable development goal 12 Responsible consumption and production with our core business aiming to increase and better plastic recycling. To this end we include the following sub goals in our strategy
Based in:
plastic, recycling, climate change, environmental pollution
Total Funding:
Between €1-€100K
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