Venturis HoReCa

Venturis HoReCa
Business Name:
Venturis HoReCa
Business Description:
We are a group of professionals who joined forces, knowledge, expertise, and ideas to tackle growing problem of food waste. We have developed IT systems (KuMin.Sys and KuMin.App), to monitor structure and quantities of food waste and reduce it in kitchens and cantines. Monitoring of food waste is first important step in the proces of reduction. We also advise – formulating and implementing plans, programs, and strategies to limit food waste. We call them SCORE: strategies for cost optimization and food waste reduction.
Long Business Description:

We help our hoereca customers to food waste and food-cost as well. Our activities are based on 2 interconnected pillars:
– provide our IT system: KuMin.Sys to monitor food circulation in the hotel/restaurant (including food waste/excessive production, etc.), and
– provide advisory support to formulate and implement complex strategy for cost optimization and food waste reduction (SCORE). Answering questions of: who, why, how much, when, where, and what is generating food waste helps with better decision making and planning. Key critical success factors in limiting food waste and efficient implementation of SCORE are: leadership, engagement, and ownership.
By reducing food waste we limit overproduction of food and optimize operational costs. SCORE is formulated and implemented in 6 consequtive stages:
STAGE 1: EDUCATING We build awareness among personel explaining why we do what we do
STAGE 2: MEASURING We measure the scale of food waste
STAGE 3: ANALYSING We analyse status quo based on reliable and complex data
STAGE 4: PLANNING We formulate action plan for changes: what, who, when, how
STAGE 5: IMPLEMENTING We implement formulated plan of actions
STAGE 6: MONITORING We monitor the plan and make adjustments

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food waste, food cost, food
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