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At Uriji Jami we believe “Life is our Main Asset”, so we connect people differently based on their experiences and aspirations to help them reach their potential. To do so we have created a great app, want to join us?
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Uriji Jami is a network in which we share our dreams and stories through a mobile app (iOS). This Uriji app, launched officially on 15th November 2016 and available to download for free on the AppStore, combines social network and e-commerce features to enable users to post and share their dreams & projects and their stories & experiences
Founded in 2015 by Jean Clauteaux and James Aschehoug, Uriji Jami is today one of the first social network to introduce intrinsically and explicitly the future tense in user interactions. By sharing our dreams and experiences to realise our life potential, Uriji Jami gives to the future the same importance as the past and the present in everyone’s life line. The future becomes a positive aspect of the social network and an integral part of the interactions that will follow. According to James, “We cannot have an accurate representation of someone on social networks, let alone their potential because we focus primarily on their past and do not take into account their dreams, their future.”
The origins of Uriji Jami take us back to the eighties, in the heart of the Venezuelan rain forest, where the father of Jean Clauteaux, Rodolphe, expressed the desire to set-up a network of men and women of goodwill, a network both supportive and professional, full of humanity and interaction. The idea remained in the son’s heart, who thirty years later, after a rich professional experience as the CEO of a multinational company, decided to make it happen. Therefore, Jean Clauteaux is convinced that “people in favour of a fairer world don’t have any channel to act, help each other and work together.”
Uriji Jami is born from a frustration: the way social networks currently work does not allow someone to achieve their potential. Starting from its original vision that ‘life is our main asset’, Uriji Jami places life, our most precious possession, at the centre of all interactions. Life is a capital that we must grow by sharing our dreams and stories. “It is not money or material things that counts, but your life, your past experiences and your dreams,” explains James. “Posting dreams, projects, stories and experiences would switch the interplay of social interactions back to real quality substance,” Jean added.
How can we share our dreams and stories? Specifically, these interactions can happen in a digital tool, an iOS app that takes into consideration users’ dreams and stories. What is actually new in these interactions is the introduction of the financial aspect: if desired, the user has the possibility to monetize his expertise. Giving users the opportunity to have some financial compensation may enhance the potential of interactions by providing them credibility, recognizing their value and establishing a relationship of equals between the parties.

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